January 5, 2015

Trip to the East Mission Anyone? :P (letter dated 12/1/14)

the title i will explain later in the email... and then you'll laugh :) haha but its been a pretty good week- full of ups and downs, tears, and miracles. SO, HERE GOES NOTHING! :D

Monday after temple and emailing we taught lessons because Thanksgiving was made our proselyting day, we taught J* (who is doing really well!) and when we got there he was listening to the Book of Mormon... with a bowl of popcorn! it was so adorable! he's listening more now and starting to Slooowwwly get there, but he's going out of town for all of December, so we're super bummed about that :( we also had a lesson with V*. OK, miracles that come from fulfilling your calling: One of the members was just going around trying to recruit for scouting and invited two of the boys he ran into to come to church and scouts- we've gotten THREE new investigators from that and they are ALL on date for baptism! its so AWESOME!!! haha they're really sweet Young Men who are just trying to figure out life and what religion they should be a part of :)

Another miracle this month: Our zone reached our goal of 19 baptisms and 32 reactivations, which is amazing, considering our average for the last year was about 8 baptisms per month. a COMPLETE miracle!! we've had a problem in the zone (and mission), a struggle with keeping people on date for baptism but we only had 3 pushed back and they're getting baptized this saturday! we are so happy that the Lord was able to bring so many souls back to him this month and our zone is improving SO much in diligence and obedience- not perfect, but definitely getting LOADS better :)

Thanksgiving was fantastic! it was our pday so we spend lots of it blasting christmas music and cooking for the feast we were going to- well, sister pearson made pumpkin cupcakes and i cooked stuffing and made cheeseball- everyone loved it and the best part- Leftovers and it tasted like home!! :D We are with the Tuitupous and their whole family and then we went around sharing the "He is the Gift" message with families and its so good. if you haven't seen the video yet, go NOW! christmas.mormon.org, go to the site, watch the video, and #SharetheGift :)

Ok. Friday we had an adventure. we visited Sister Stratton and Avery's nightly planning to just check up on them and we heard the story of how sister stratton had done a barrell roll off her bike and hit her head and landed on her arm. So, obviously, we told her to call sister hansen. We get home, and at like 10:20ish we get a call. "Sister Stratton needs to go to the hospital." so, we proceed to drive her to the LDS IHC hospital in the Avenues... in the East Mission... and are there till 3 IN THE MORNING. yes, i was tired the next day... but it was definitely an adventure! she had to get xrays and cat scan or MRI, i cant remember... but she just has a mild concussion, which is good. we were starting to get loopy though, we all got to know each other really well :P haha 

i was not feeling good on saturday, possibly from lack of sleep, immune system down, i dont know. but we still worked! i checked the email for papers from the Assistants, and i saw the email from mom about Elder Leavitt... i was just in shock and immedietly started praying. we went to a baptism that night for Sister Stratton and Avery and took Jayna, one of our investigators. it was a great baptism, and even with all the little mess ups, the spirit was definitely still there! :)

Sunday i was fasting and praying and we sang in one of the sacrament meetings (for the 3rd ward) and we had ALL of Godelive's family there: her, her son I*, C*, E*, and C* :) and lots of LA came too! Sister Pearson and i sang "I know that my redeemer lives", the EFY version. I was more-nervous than usual, but hey- i got through it!

I love the gospel and this work! everythings is going well and prayer, fasting, and faith is real! :) love you all and have a great week! :)


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