January 25, 2015

What Had Happened...

ok, so literally a CRAZY STRESSFUL EVERYTHING week. More Murphys law, but there were good things too!
Tuesday we had MLC and Elder Arnold (70) came back and did a follow-up from the mission tour he did in August, it was great! We also do a stewardship meeting with President with us and the Zone Leaders about the progress of the zone and individual missionaries which went well too. we've been teaching more after these holidays which is nice to be getting it back up.
Miracle #1: We went to visit a semi-LA man whose wife just left him and took all the kids because she got off her bipolar medications. it was really sad, but he's finding a lot of support and peace from the gospel. but we went bu to set up an appointment last week, and this week we came back and shared a mormon message and a prayer, talked to him, etc. as we were leaving, he was talking to the member about how he'd been praying and reading the scriptues and wondering if he would ever get his daughter back, when he felt peace and knew he would. then who knocks on his door, but the missionaries- US! it was amazing to hear that God really does place us in peoples paths that need us, and we'd just talked about the day before about being answers to peoples prayers :)
we've had some stress with sisters this week and worries, but tis the life of a sister training leader- its just so hard to be like the savior- correct as needed, but show the perfect amount of love! because if you don't correct, there will always be disobedience and never any blessings- and if you don't show love, the missionaries won't be happy or know that you do love them. its a hard balance, we're getting there- working more on the love part this week :)
Miracle #2: So, friday morning Marta gave us a call and earlier the week we had invited her to be baptized on feb 7th and she said, "wow. i got a hot flash but i don't know if its good or bad, so i'll pray about it". guess what? she prayed about it. "i got the warm feeling again, so i'm gonna do it!" it was amazing, and her back went out so she wasn't able to get to church, but we were just so happy we almost cried! R* is getting there, still praying and we've also met with her a little less and she's only been to church once- M* is in 2 nephi already! we're so happy we want to cry :)
Miracle #3: So, we had this referral from a few people in the area saying, "um, well, i think they're phillipino?" So we stopped by the neighbor who was a member to get more info and as soon as we left we see the woman outside, and her name is J*. Apparantely she is a LA member and has had such a hard life, but she's from Guatamala, and served a mission after she joined the church. But she literally needed us in that moment, she was just breaking down. God answers prayers thorough us, i testify that is true! :)
CRAZY STORY! O.o ok, so this is one i'll probably tell my kids (or cats) one day. We were in our zone meeting and had to leave the room for about 15-20 minutes to watch videos about the Gift of Tongues. After the meeting, we realized that 5 missionary bags had literally been STOLEN out of the church building!! they were just gone! two had personal credit cards, and when they called home to cancel them one had already been used... so, ya. bad people. welcome to ROSE PARK! :P haha but poor elder tauai, he's been out 4 weeks from samoa and had $2000 in his bag, and the bag was a gift from his father, and it was stolen!! money, cameras, personal credit cards, luckily sister pearson didn't have really anything personal stolen. stinks though! had to call the police and everything! :P my bag luckily was safe, they were taken really randomly. but it WAS amazing to see the reactions, obviously people were sad because of things stolen, but it really goes to show what is really important- we don't take any of those things with us when we die, and whoever took the things will be held accountable- on the other hand, blessings come from trials, so we are expecting to see a lot of miracles in Rose Park now :P haha
M* kinda dropped us, more on that next week, we're still trying to figure out the situation; we went on exchanges on saturday and it was yet another crazy day- not a good day exchanges, for future reference. But things really are going well, interviews today, two weeks left of the transfer, baptisms coming up (hopefully jan 31st for j* as well, maybe still the 24th for m*?)
I love the Lord, i love this work, great things are happening and hope all is well with everyone- 
pics: funeral lunch after the crime scene investigation, chocolate, crime scene sketch by sister pearson, sister weber left again so we had a final pic:) , sister pearson realizing you can peel a grapefruit!! :P 
p.s. if you've never had jicima, repent and go eat come! its great :)

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