January 6, 2015

Word of the Week: INTERREGNUM

now you might say to yourself, what is that?! it sounds like some weird medical term! "im sorry, but we're going to have to preform an interregnum". Well, its actually the space of time after a prophet dies where the first presidency is dissolved and become the quorum of the twelve (well, more) apostles until a new prophet is called- isn't that interesting? :) food for thought!

this week has been crazy, miraculous, fun, and so much more- here is a bit of a snapshot :)

Monday we had a snowball fight as a zone, it was a blast! it reminded me of home and playing in the snow with my sisters and dad- mom would stay inside with the hot chocolate and wait for us to come in freezing ;P hahaha jk. but it was fun, and cold, and just a blast :) we also went to target and sister pearson found a good deal on boots and we got matching boots! they're cute! :) 

I also got to be on exchanges with sister Gonzales on tuesday, which was so fun! she's only been a member for 1 year and 5 months- she has a strong personality and testimony and is just the sweetest :) but it was good, we had a lot of lessons that day and only less than 50% flakiness rate! 

New Years was really fun too! yes, definitely crocheting up a storm :P haha we were FORCED to be in from 5-9 watching Disney movies (oh no...) which i didn't have TOO much of a problem with. we were GOING to watch Tangled, but they forget to ask for it- so we watched Finding Nemo, Mulan, and the first 30 minutes of Emperors New Groove. it was good, and the whole time we were crocheting and making headbands and stuff :) it was awesome!! and this week has been absolutely FREEZING!! it was like 10 degrees and we just broke 30, so the snow is starting to melt, but we'll have a bit of a warm spell this week, in the low 30's/40's. 

M* and Ra* are doing really well, as well as Mi! in M*'s lesson (R* was feeling not good, back problems) but in the lesson M* said they'd really been talking about baptism and they both feel like they will be really soon! they won't really accept a date, but once they decide, they'll want to be baptized ASAP :) and M* is understand and came to church again, and said she's ready- remember, this is the woman who was baptized probably a month and a half ago 7th Day Adventist- but she understands priesthood authority and it really happy when we come and teach, despite the fact that she doesn't understand whats going on in church or in lessons without a translator. 

And this week was Godelive, M*, Confiance, and Innocent's birthday the 31st and the 1st! so, naturally, we made a cake :) it was fun, Godelive turned 50- she is like another mother. and yesterday in Sacrament meeting she got up and bore her testimony and Claudine translated for her. She expressed immense gratitude for the gospel and said she was grateful for sister pearson and i staying by her through many of her hard times. it made me cry, but i just felt immense gratitute for Heavenly Father bringing her into my life, being able to teach her and see her grow in the gospel, we've taken her to M*'s lessons and also to another LA lady who was going through a rough time, and her english is getting a lot better too! she relies so much on God and just has so much love for him and others. She is just incredibly Christlike and strong :)

we were also able to FINALLY take our investigator J* to a baptism this week! we went on saturday and he really liked it and felt the spirit- and he's more solid on date for Jan 31st now :) our teaching took a dip these last few weeks because of the holidays, but they're definitely on their way back up now! :) 

well, its been a great week. halfway done with this transfer, and miracles will keep happening. this zone will keep seeing miracles and reaching goals and soaring higher and higher, as well as this mission :) love you all and have a fantastic week! :)


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