January 5, 2015

"Every Smile is a Victory"- Sister Johnson (letter dated 12/8/14)

this was a quote from me this week. "Every Smile is a Victory" and no, im not depressed or anything, i promise :P my thought process mostly focused on the atonement and what kinds of things make us smile- think about it and it will make sense- at least, it makes me smile... ;P

this has been a pretty great week though! we taught 17 lessons with a member there to investigators and 9 lessons to Recent Converts and Less Active members- and we've been having less cancellations!! :D

last pday we got to play indoor sand vollyball which was fun- it was like being at the beach again!! i miss it- but i love this work so luckily i don't miss it too much ;P haha we also were able to teach lots of investigators that night- we are staying SO busy!

Tuesday was a great day- we had Zone Conference... and I LOVE ZONE CONFERENCE! it was cool, it was actually at the Centerville South Stake Center- my first area! and President Hollingshead was there (first stk president i got to work with) and sister taylor was there- it was weird- but a good weird :) We got to do a special musical number at the end of zone conference and it was lots of fun- i recorded it, so i promise to show you one day mom :) we also got to eat tongan food for dinner that night- which was interesting, to say the least...

Wed was awesome! we were on exchanges so i was in the Riverside area (the REAL sketchy Rose Park) and i got to be with Sister Avery- this is her third transfer out. she's a great sister and i could tell she just wants to get out there and work her booty off :P but it was fun, we talked to lots of people and did a lot of #SharetheGift :) (BTW, have you shared the gift yet? if not- GET ON IT!!) :)
aaaand..... wed was my official "i've been a missionary in UT for a whole year" mark- the one year anniversary since i got my first companion in the field- AAAAH! and they are changing transfers some- so i may actually come home on the 1st of June- it would make me sad though!! :( 

but things are going good! we are getting more referrals, things are going GREAT up here in Rose Park! i love it here and i know the work we are doing really IS GODS! :) 

ok, also yesterday was fast sunday... so in one of the wards this guy gets up there and in the middle of his testimony proceeds to call one of the youth out over the pulpit and accuse him of stealing his tithing money and telling him to confess- then says i love you have a merry christmas! we were all very appalled... one of the counselors in the bishopric got up and said the issue was being taken care of - but we felt so bad- thats so awkward and MEAN! O.o

and then in another ward... one of the Recent Converts we're teaching (i'm pretty sure they had a lesson about tithing...) got up and said, 'i know this church is true and that if you don't pay tithing you'll get burned at the last day. in the name of jesus christ amen"... it was hilarious- and true! :P hahaha 

The girls are doing well- C* is getting really close to her answer- the thing thats holding her back is she thinks her catholic ancestors (grandpa who was a bishop, etc.) will be upset with her if she gets baptized- but get this: she got up in sacrament meeting and bore her testimony saying she knows the church is true and that joseph smith is a prophet and that she loves YW :P it was so precious and the spirit was so strong- it will happen!! :)

but transfers are next week, i'll let you know what happens- i REALLY think im leaving, but i have no idea- i've been in Rose Park as the STL for 3 transfers now, so i could very possibly see it happening. but have a great week and KEEP THE FAITH! :)

Pres. Hansen

Her Trainer, Nat Taylor... her last pday in the field.

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