February 12, 2015

Miracles Never Cease :)

Another great week here on the mission! Good times, funny moments, definitely making memories that will stay with me my whole life- missions are the BEST!! :D

Monday was pretty chill, pday activity was playing music, writing letters, etc. and we found the BEST HAT in the world- i'll send pics :) things you find in the primary room :P haha
we also had an FHE with President Bennett (one of the Mission Presidents Counselors) and it was fun! and we had baklava... so good! O.o 

Miracle! We visited a member to talk about a family who lived close by and invited them to invite the family (well, members in the family) to take the lessons. They called back, like, two days later and said that they want to meet with us! we were so excited, we did a happy dance in the middle of personal study... :) there were two other similar situations that happened this week, we're hoping to meet with them this coming week and start teaching them! Tuesday we also had MLC, which was sad because sister hansen wasn't there, but it was good, we are improving so much as a mission, i know the lord is happy- but, of course, we must continue onward and upward! :) 

Thursday we got to have our zone meeting, and it was so good! president came and spoke and spoke about the spirit world and where sister hansen is and how he's doing, and we were just able to talk to him, he said he'll be VERY upset if we don't stay in contact, of course :)

Friday we went on our first exchanges of the transfer, so i spent the day with sister Lwin, one of THE sweetest sisters in the whole world. She is from Mirimar (spelling?) which i believe is close to Thailand. we had fun, she came out when i was 3 months (so with sister latham) and she's definitely changed from when i first met her. shes a great missionary though :) 
so, we were walking around talking to people on exchanges and around 2:30 some sisters pull up and ask if we had a ride to the emergency meeting... that we knew NOTHING about! so we went down to the Salt Lake Stake Center, and the meeting was missionwide- we learned who our new mission president is! Its President and Sister Spendlove, from San Antonio TX. we're excited to have them- and they get here in three weeks! He's called for 2 years and 4 months, and has to kids still at home,16 and 13. as he was talking, we were sad because we know he'll leave soon, but the spirit testified to us that this is right, and that its gods plan. i was also FINALLY able to have my interview with president today, the last one i'll have with President Hansen, and we talked about my mission, family, it was just sweet to be able to have that final conversation one on one, and feel the love that he and the lord both have for me :)

and, finally... Saturday was Claudine's baptism and i got to go back for it! I was so happy and so blessed to be able to go- and man, was the spirit strong! :) Sister Pearson and i sang the Olive Tree, because she wanted a missionary song. She (and we) were really sad that her sisters didn't come to support her, but her mom was there, and you could just tell she was SOO happy! and i saw sister pearson and aguilar today, and they said in the confirmation, she was told that she would serve a mission! the fact that she was finally baptized is a miracle, and where she is NOW from where she and their family started, Gods hand was there every step of the way, i know it. 

Sunday was good, stake conference in one of the stakes (BO) and we went to lots of wards in the NSL stake as well. There is a boy named A* on date for the 21st, buuut... i still haven't taught him, because last time i was on exchanges :P haha problems of being an STL... :) 
Hope all is well, i love this work, and if you keep getting involved you will too! :) 
Go out and be the answer to someone's prayers! :)


also, the thing in the jar is my new favorite vegetable- jicima- its SOOO GOOD!! 
modeling the new skirt, and the baptism!! :D

That AWKWARD moment...

(Letter dated Feb. 2) most awkward moment of the week: after church, to us: "great testimonies" us: "thanks! whats your name again?" them: "i'm Sister Nelson" and "I'm Sheri Dew!"... uh.... yup! WELCOME TO NORTH SALT LAKE!! 
yup. North Salt Lake and Bountiful Orchard are the two stakes we cover, NSL (North Salt Lake) is super nice, on the hill with a bunch on mansions, and BO (Bountiful) is more normal class, down the hill. But i'm loving it here! Lots different than Rose Park, but i love it here too! :) 

Monday we did all the transfer things, switching, some unpacking, figuring out things, and i forgot how much we work with members here- its so crazy!! obviously, its the more effective way to work, but we visit members, wml's, bishops, etc. and challenge them to invite people to take lessons, etc... AND THEY DO IT! we obviously still go around and contact referrals that we recieve, but its so different from even when i was in Centerville- and we get fed not only Dinner, but Lunches too! I was starting to eat really healthyand actually losing some weight- aaaaand not thats not gonna work so well... urgh. but of course, still love it :)

we also help 5 sets of sisters, which is the most i've covered, especially since we were in RP, one of the smaller zones. also, we correlated with the HC over missionary work in the NSL stake on thursday, went to the paradise cafe- turns out, he's elder Bednars home teacher!... i'm starting to freak out a little bit...
you know you're in NSL when... on the area maps it has a key that says: members, 70's, apostles, bishops, WML's... and more... its kinda crazy. Elder Nelson, Elder Hales, President Uchtdorf, Tad R. Callister, Sheri Dew, Elder Bendar, a bunch more 70's, MoTab members, its crazy. so different from everywhere else i've served!! 
also- Claudine is still on date to get baptized this saturday, im so excited!

We also had a Stake Relief Society meeting/fireside on saturday, the special guest speaker was Sister Hales- and boy is she a kick in the pants, and so spunky! :P haha
but the lemon bars were really good too.....

here's a little about sister hamblin!
she is from Eager, AZ, close to Snowflake. She is 22, she is going to go into dental hygiene after her mission, she is in the middle of 5 kids, and has only brothers, and she's been out 10 months. we have a lot of fun together though, even though she's like 8 inches taller than me... but still, we have a good time :) 

this week is going to be great, im excited to start transfer #11, after this, i'll only have two left, which is really depressing. I had a dream last night that i was packing up to go home and i was super confused because i still had time left! it was a really depressing dream, possibly because when people ask how long i've been out i say"just over a year..." and then they grill and i say, "14 months..." and then they're all like, "oh! you're going home soon" or "on the downhill!". its sad, but im going to make the best of all the time i have left! i may end up finishing my mission here as a sister training leader, but i don't know yet. no news on a new president, but we have meetings this week which president will be at, so i'll update next week. love you, hope all is well, and as sister hansen would say, "go out and be the answer to someones prayers" :)


p.s. didnt take a bunch of pics this week, but...