June 30, 2014

Another Fresh Start!

So, here is the Transfer information!
I’m staying in Stansbury Park! And getting another companion to be SNR with me, Sister Mason! 
AAAANNNNDDDD... i’m training! Another trio should be interesting. 

Monday: we had a lesson with the O*'s and worked a bunch on the YSA list that we have... I made sure we worked hard this week :) 

Tuesday: we went to the Bountiful Temple, and it was soooo nice! I’ve really missed going to the Temple, even though I was completely tired. But Sister Pearson took us down with all the Sisters in the district, and got sonic for lunch.  We had dinner with the Lamberts (of course!) met with more people in the other stake for YSA, had a lesson with G* and M*

Wednesday: we got busy. R* had her baptismal interview and passed, of course! We made lots of visits, had a lesson with the Mc*'s in the Trailer Park, and of course... more YSA!!!

Thursday: we had lunch at the C*, then went with Austin Vickars (in the YSA Elders Quorum Presidency) and visited YSA's to invite them out. It was pretty successful! :D lesson with *, scripture class, had a first lesson with a new LA and of course, more YSA!

Friday was interesting. We had district meeting a 10:30 till 12, then lunch and then weekly planning. Lunch was Costa Vida and then of course, planning at home.

The next day (Saturday) I spent most of the rest of the day with Sister Hart and Hathaway... where more exciting-ness happened! We went to visit Bro Wells the High councilman over missionary work and right before we were going to leave... his mother in law backed into Sister Hathaway’s car! haha it was just a dent above the driver side front tire, but we spent like an hour filling out papers haha we had a lesson with M* and F* as well, which went well! 

Sunday: Church, and lots of it! We ended the night with a lesson with the Mc* and we saw L* again as well. This week went better than last and I can't wait to see what this new transfer brings and this area! Have a great week, happy 4th of July! :)

June 24, 2014

A short letter...

one reason it will be short this week... is because i forgot my planner and therefore will remember nothing that we did! :D
haha no good.
i'm glad everything is going well at home, i’m so proud of my little sisters for growing up and becoming more mature... Ella is gonna be breaking some hearts in a few years... Pepper is probably already breaking them ;)

MOM! you would be so proud of me... i've been wearing my hair down more... but without doing anything to it besides putting in mousse and pinning it half back... i found when i use mousse he curls come out more... so ya!

One big thing we started working on this last week and we'll be doing this week is working on the YSA ward. we got a list for both stakes of ALL the YSA and we're going through it and meeting with auxiliaries and seeing what information we can glean. its going really well so far! We also made a cake this week! elder Selin, our DL wants to be comp with elder anderson (who is elder bickley's companion!) because his comp is going home too! so we made it for him and he gave it to president at Zone Conference, which was hilarious... he laughed a lot :) and ZC was really good too! I was involved in a special musical number... again... it was good though :)
Elder Thomas, Elder Keenan, Sister Tew, and me. Sister Bennett played piano. We sang kind of our own arrangement of "A Childs Prayer" i made up my own alto part which actually sounded all right and the last verse we sang together was a cappella :) 

i learned a lot at ZC and there is a lot i need to improve on, especially finding and planning. we've been playing racquetball every morning too! at 6AM. it's kinda early but fun :) well. don't hate me for the short letter but i gotta go. love you all and hope this week is great for yall! see, my companion and zl from the south are having an effect on me :P haha

love you! :)

A selfie for mom

with Sis. Hathaway

A beautiful sunset over the Great Salt Lake

June 18, 2014

Another Boring Letter From Sister Johnson :P (not!)

Yes, it’s been another slower week. But that's DEFINITELY about to change :) 

Monday- pday, was a bit boring but we did get to have coldstones with a bunch of other missionaies, go on a zipline, and had a lesson with the O*'s and he YSA FHE! :) So awesome! And Sister lambert made tortellini which was DELISH!

Tuesday- we planned with the other Sisters for the scripture study class, helped with a primary activity outside and it was SOO HOT! It was like 94 all day. We had otter pops, shave ice, and ice cream that day. Legit! Made visits, had lessons cancel, eh. Not the best day. 

Wednesday- We made cookies that morning for our ward missionaries that are struggling. They are from Iran and expect Utah to be perfect... and it’s far from it. They still know the church is true, they just aren't going to go anymore. Going to practice from home... no bueno. We had a lesson with the Mc*s and B* came with us, T* and T*'s cancelled, had a lesson with the B*s, and the V*! Then... exchanges! Sister Toutai was actually the first person I EVER went on exchanges with and she is my STL, so I spent thurs with her Comp Sister Phillips :)

Thursday- I got to do something really fun! Sister Phillips had some updating to do on the computer so I went to my family history (something I suggest all to do) and tried to trace back as far as I could... and I did... all the way to ADAM AND EVE on one of my dad’s lines! It was legit, I took pics :) I’m related to joseph and Mary (yes, Jesus’s parents!), lots of royalty, Constanius the Third of Rome, John 1st of England, Henry 1st and Henry 2nd of England, and lots more! I sent a pic of the short list :) we also made visits in the area and had our 60 seconds of Ghetto THUG LIFE :P Sister Philips is bomb, lots of fun and a hardworking dedicated missionary :) 

Friday- we had our planning and district mtg, I got a package from MOM! :) yay! Loved the jar... "I’ve got a jar of dirt and guess what’s inside?!" what movie is that from? :P haha
The other Sisters in Overlake were having a REALLY bad day so we went over there to love and spend time with them cause they definitely needed it :) but it was fun. 

Satuday- we had a baptism we were helping with (we spoke at it), then more service (weeding in TOOELE!), had correlations, and the Stop Smoking Lesson with the V* and it went really well!

SUNDAY! We had R* come to church for the first time in like forever!! His granddaughter was the one baptized sat and we were just so glad he was there! We were this close *fingers close together* to giving up on him! P* and others were at church that hadn't been there for a while! This is gonna be a better week, by a BUNCH!!! Look for an update next week! KEEP THE FAITH! :)

Real time photo while Hannah was emailing

The Jar sent from home

June 12, 2014

Another Week, A LOTTA TOUGH! :D

So, this week has been full of physical work and emotional roller coasters, but that’s how missions go, right? :)

MON: we went golfing, which was definitely interesting because I’ve never even hit a ball with a club before... except on the wii... :) I think the most fun part of the whole day was getting to drive around in the golf cart... dream come true, seriously! :) We had a lesson with a LA family we've starting to work with, the O*'s and it went well :)

TUE: we made visits, and had a lesson with the v*! it was mostly for the kids, so we acted out the plan of salvation for them, which was hilarious... :) but like I said, this week was FULL of physical work, which started Tuesday night: Sister lambert texted and asked if we could help unload a U-Haul, of course we said yes! We unloaded a whole huge U-Haul with help from the other Sisters and some Elders. Lots of fun! Wed we met with the other YSA Sisters and got some of their info, and did MORE service: we laid SOD. SO MUCH FUN! Hard, dirty, sweaty, HOT work, but it still was a blast. I wonder if I’m allergic to grass actually... oh well! :)

THU: we did more service! Sister Lambert texted in the morning and asked if we could help with another U-Haul, and more hard fun hot WORK! :) I think I said many times this week, "I’m gonna be so ripped by the end of the week! :P" haha and I’m super tan too, maybe not quite as much as Alex, but there is a white line across my wrist where my watch is :P We also had our scripture class and another lesson with H*, which was interesting. Basically what it was was her wanting to bible bash and tell us we were wrong, she was not open minded or really genuinely wanting to know. Next day we got a text that basically with her dropping us, which I was very prepared for. OH well, time wasn't right and she still has great member friends :)

FRI: District meeting, planning, lesson with e*. I had a KILLER headache, to the point of nausea, and it was sucky. But it went away right about mid dinner (they also took a pic of me and sent it home hope you got it!)

SAT: guess what we did?! MORE SERVICE!!! :D haha oh yes. 8am we were shoveling rocks for about 2 1/2 hours in Tooele with Sisters Tew and Wright-Carrutthers (who is actually from Sister Latham’s stake :P) and then we got coldstones, then weeding for another hour! I just love service, and it was good to know I was working hard, because someone commented to me as I was pushing a wheelbarrow full of rocks, "you must have helped you dad a lot in the yard". erm, not really... we didn't do much with our yard besides water and put toys away :P haha but I definitely was working HARD! And no, I am NOT burnt :P we also did correlations, saw D* (who got a calling on Sunday!!) and slept :)

SUN: another fun day! of course Sunday is always fun :P we went to mission prep at 7:30, Lakepoint ward where we had an investigator and his LA girlfriend come for the first time (yay!), lunch (I made pasta! love cooking!) then... first day of the YSA WARD! It was great, callings made, sis Bennett and I did the music in sacrament meeting (I lead the music, she played piano), and the turnout was GREAT! haha and guess who was called to be the Elders Quorum president? Oh yes. None other than Rhett Steadman! (for those who don't know, he served part of his mission in the Anacortes Ward at home :P) he commented that he worked with mom fairly often (or would just call- for some reason, I think he really liked our family ;P haha) small world in the gospel :) we had dinner with Sister Vickars (stake RS president) and it was just a good day! 

We’re working on teaching more lessons, I love the work and the people! Live laugh love, live long and prosper, allonsy, all that good jazz! :) have a great week! ♥


June 6, 2014

Another Week, With Some Twists ;)

So, there have been quite a few interesting things that happened this week, here a just a few:
We'll start off with how blown my mind is right now! A year from tomorrow, I will be picked up at the airport and not be a missionary anymore! It’s so sad to think about, I only have another 365 days as a missionary... so I’d better make the best of it while I have time left! :D I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME!!! wah :/ merp.

MON: Sister Pearson had got us kites to fly on pday, and I had prayed hard for wind for about two days, and it was a HOT beautiful day and we flew kites for like an hour!!! It was such a blast! Then we played murder and I plunked around on the piano. We had dinner bishop argyle and his family (from the Mill Pond Ward) and he made smoked ribs and mint limeade. SOOO good! Then Sister Bennett met President Child and it was a good pday all in all :)

TUE: we started off the day by going on visits with Sister Vickers, the Stake Relief Society President, mostly trying to visit inactive YSA's to invite them to the new YSA ward that is stating up in the Stansbury Stake... yes, I will get to that shortly :) she also got us a milkshake from Kravers, a little restaurant with pretty good food :) then we planned for our scripture study class with the sisters and had a lesson with the M*, visited B* as well. Then we had a lesson with D*, which went pretty well. he really needs to get that desire to make changes, so I asked him a question: "if God was standing right there next to you and you could ask him anything, what would you ask him?" his answer really touched me, he said he would ask, "what do I need to change in my life?" We told him that question would be answered through scripture study, church attendance, and of course, prayer :) we also saw D* and heard some really great news: he talked to the bishop and started to process to be able to go on a mission!!! I was so mind blown and happy, I couldn't hardly even hold it in!! We also added a new investigator named H* (she lives in Tooele but wants to take lessons here, so we'll have to coordinate that still). It was a bit of a tougher lesson because she knows a lot about the bible and believes it’s the only thing we need to be saved, she doesn't understand the need for the Book of Mormon. But she's cool :)

WED: we went to see brother V*. It had been 3 weeks because he was gone on vacation and then sick, but he's doing better. We found out tue night that the v* had been hiking in Mill Creek Canyon (in SLC) and C* fell/rolled 25-30 feet down the hill, sprained her femur and neck, and had a concussion. So we went over for our planned lesson more just to see how she was doing... so glad she was alive! jeeze :P haha but they are doing well too. Then we were gone for the rest of the day at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC with the B*s, which was awesome! We got her started on family history and watched the Joseph Smith Restoration (long version), had dinner at the top of the building (the Garden) and got D* a PMG, and SLEPT. It was a long day, but a good day :) 

THUR: Sister wasn't feeling so hot in the morning so she slept some more and we missed the dry food activity we were going to go to for lunch. But we had a great lesson with G* and Sister Steele (SB bishop's wife) then we saw N*, R*, had dinner, the scripture class, and went on more visits with Sister Vickars.

FRI: our planning and District Mtg, we saw Brother Fairbanks, had another lesson with the Smarts, and called it a night! (Sorry I’m flying though, time is running short :P)

SAT: was a bit of a more interesting day! We were painting at the Grist Mill again with a bunch of Elders (and sisters too) and got a call from one of the AP's, Elder Patton, and were informed that we will now be covering a SIXTH WARD! Yes, indeed! Sister Johnson and Bennett are now covering the Stansbury YSA Ward. We are sure in for it. It should be interesting; Stansbury YSA will cover two stakes of YSA's, so we're going to be all over the place! we also had correlations, the other Sisters had a baptism (we also got to see Sister Jamison and Poitivint, which was fun!), we had a lesson with the McCrorys again,etc. we've also been doing a district exercise in the morning at 6:15, and one morning we were playing ultimate football... aaaand... Elder Selin broke Sister Hart's finger on accident... she tried to catch it when he kicked it and it broke!! Really bummer! At dinner we also went to a baptism in japan!...over skype, of couse :P but we had to leave before it started... so cool though! :)

SUN: was an interesting day! We woke up early to make it to the mission prep class (D* was going to be there but he was sick) and it was on the temple, which was awesome! (ps. our temple day is tue jun 24, so that will be our pday) then we went to Relief Society in LP ward, then off to Tooele for the creation of the YSA ward! its split off from the Tooele YSA, and we're actually taking quite a chunk from just two stakes (out of the original 9 that make of the Tooele YSA!) more church, fasting, starving, hunger, headache, FOOD!, Kittens. (just a few words to describe my sunday :P haha) after dinner (where we got to ride on a zipline) we took D* his PMG and played him a fave song (I hope they call me on a mission [popcorn popping CD]) and went to this awesome fireside where the speaker was a renowned metallurgist, specifically on BofM artifacts and the translation process of the Book of Mormon. It was awesome! 

Hope this letter is sufficiently long, is been a crazy week and it’s gonna get EVEN crazier now that we cover a BRAND Spanking NEW ward! Talk to you next week and love you bunches! Enjoy the weather, cause it’s WAAAY too hot here! :)