June 12, 2014

Another Week, A LOTTA TOUGH! :D

So, this week has been full of physical work and emotional roller coasters, but that’s how missions go, right? :)

MON: we went golfing, which was definitely interesting because I’ve never even hit a ball with a club before... except on the wii... :) I think the most fun part of the whole day was getting to drive around in the golf cart... dream come true, seriously! :) We had a lesson with a LA family we've starting to work with, the O*'s and it went well :)

TUE: we made visits, and had a lesson with the v*! it was mostly for the kids, so we acted out the plan of salvation for them, which was hilarious... :) but like I said, this week was FULL of physical work, which started Tuesday night: Sister lambert texted and asked if we could help unload a U-Haul, of course we said yes! We unloaded a whole huge U-Haul with help from the other Sisters and some Elders. Lots of fun! Wed we met with the other YSA Sisters and got some of their info, and did MORE service: we laid SOD. SO MUCH FUN! Hard, dirty, sweaty, HOT work, but it still was a blast. I wonder if I’m allergic to grass actually... oh well! :)

THU: we did more service! Sister Lambert texted in the morning and asked if we could help with another U-Haul, and more hard fun hot WORK! :) I think I said many times this week, "I’m gonna be so ripped by the end of the week! :P" haha and I’m super tan too, maybe not quite as much as Alex, but there is a white line across my wrist where my watch is :P We also had our scripture class and another lesson with H*, which was interesting. Basically what it was was her wanting to bible bash and tell us we were wrong, she was not open minded or really genuinely wanting to know. Next day we got a text that basically with her dropping us, which I was very prepared for. OH well, time wasn't right and she still has great member friends :)

FRI: District meeting, planning, lesson with e*. I had a KILLER headache, to the point of nausea, and it was sucky. But it went away right about mid dinner (they also took a pic of me and sent it home hope you got it!)

SAT: guess what we did?! MORE SERVICE!!! :D haha oh yes. 8am we were shoveling rocks for about 2 1/2 hours in Tooele with Sisters Tew and Wright-Carrutthers (who is actually from Sister Latham’s stake :P) and then we got coldstones, then weeding for another hour! I just love service, and it was good to know I was working hard, because someone commented to me as I was pushing a wheelbarrow full of rocks, "you must have helped you dad a lot in the yard". erm, not really... we didn't do much with our yard besides water and put toys away :P haha but I definitely was working HARD! And no, I am NOT burnt :P we also did correlations, saw D* (who got a calling on Sunday!!) and slept :)

SUN: another fun day! of course Sunday is always fun :P we went to mission prep at 7:30, Lakepoint ward where we had an investigator and his LA girlfriend come for the first time (yay!), lunch (I made pasta! love cooking!) then... first day of the YSA WARD! It was great, callings made, sis Bennett and I did the music in sacrament meeting (I lead the music, she played piano), and the turnout was GREAT! haha and guess who was called to be the Elders Quorum president? Oh yes. None other than Rhett Steadman! (for those who don't know, he served part of his mission in the Anacortes Ward at home :P) he commented that he worked with mom fairly often (or would just call- for some reason, I think he really liked our family ;P haha) small world in the gospel :) we had dinner with Sister Vickars (stake RS president) and it was just a good day! 

We’re working on teaching more lessons, I love the work and the people! Live laugh love, live long and prosper, allonsy, all that good jazz! :) have a great week! ♥


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