June 18, 2014

Another Boring Letter From Sister Johnson :P (not!)

Yes, it’s been another slower week. But that's DEFINITELY about to change :) 

Monday- pday, was a bit boring but we did get to have coldstones with a bunch of other missionaies, go on a zipline, and had a lesson with the O*'s and he YSA FHE! :) So awesome! And Sister lambert made tortellini which was DELISH!

Tuesday- we planned with the other Sisters for the scripture study class, helped with a primary activity outside and it was SOO HOT! It was like 94 all day. We had otter pops, shave ice, and ice cream that day. Legit! Made visits, had lessons cancel, eh. Not the best day. 

Wednesday- We made cookies that morning for our ward missionaries that are struggling. They are from Iran and expect Utah to be perfect... and it’s far from it. They still know the church is true, they just aren't going to go anymore. Going to practice from home... no bueno. We had a lesson with the Mc*s and B* came with us, T* and T*'s cancelled, had a lesson with the B*s, and the V*! Then... exchanges! Sister Toutai was actually the first person I EVER went on exchanges with and she is my STL, so I spent thurs with her Comp Sister Phillips :)

Thursday- I got to do something really fun! Sister Phillips had some updating to do on the computer so I went to my family history (something I suggest all to do) and tried to trace back as far as I could... and I did... all the way to ADAM AND EVE on one of my dad’s lines! It was legit, I took pics :) I’m related to joseph and Mary (yes, Jesus’s parents!), lots of royalty, Constanius the Third of Rome, John 1st of England, Henry 1st and Henry 2nd of England, and lots more! I sent a pic of the short list :) we also made visits in the area and had our 60 seconds of Ghetto THUG LIFE :P Sister Philips is bomb, lots of fun and a hardworking dedicated missionary :) 

Friday- we had our planning and district mtg, I got a package from MOM! :) yay! Loved the jar... "I’ve got a jar of dirt and guess what’s inside?!" what movie is that from? :P haha
The other Sisters in Overlake were having a REALLY bad day so we went over there to love and spend time with them cause they definitely needed it :) but it was fun. 

Satuday- we had a baptism we were helping with (we spoke at it), then more service (weeding in TOOELE!), had correlations, and the Stop Smoking Lesson with the V* and it went really well!

SUNDAY! We had R* come to church for the first time in like forever!! His granddaughter was the one baptized sat and we were just so glad he was there! We were this close *fingers close together* to giving up on him! P* and others were at church that hadn't been there for a while! This is gonna be a better week, by a BUNCH!!! Look for an update next week! KEEP THE FAITH! :)

Real time photo while Hannah was emailing

The Jar sent from home

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