June 24, 2014

A short letter...

one reason it will be short this week... is because i forgot my planner and therefore will remember nothing that we did! :D
haha no good.
i'm glad everything is going well at home, i’m so proud of my little sisters for growing up and becoming more mature... Ella is gonna be breaking some hearts in a few years... Pepper is probably already breaking them ;)

MOM! you would be so proud of me... i've been wearing my hair down more... but without doing anything to it besides putting in mousse and pinning it half back... i found when i use mousse he curls come out more... so ya!

One big thing we started working on this last week and we'll be doing this week is working on the YSA ward. we got a list for both stakes of ALL the YSA and we're going through it and meeting with auxiliaries and seeing what information we can glean. its going really well so far! We also made a cake this week! elder Selin, our DL wants to be comp with elder anderson (who is elder bickley's companion!) because his comp is going home too! so we made it for him and he gave it to president at Zone Conference, which was hilarious... he laughed a lot :) and ZC was really good too! I was involved in a special musical number... again... it was good though :)
Elder Thomas, Elder Keenan, Sister Tew, and me. Sister Bennett played piano. We sang kind of our own arrangement of "A Childs Prayer" i made up my own alto part which actually sounded all right and the last verse we sang together was a cappella :) 

i learned a lot at ZC and there is a lot i need to improve on, especially finding and planning. we've been playing racquetball every morning too! at 6AM. it's kinda early but fun :) well. don't hate me for the short letter but i gotta go. love you all and hope this week is great for yall! see, my companion and zl from the south are having an effect on me :P haha

love you! :)

A selfie for mom

with Sis. Hathaway

A beautiful sunset over the Great Salt Lake

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