January 5, 2015

Merry Christmas!! :) p.s. MURPHYS LAW IS REAL. (dated 12/22/14)

Merry christmas and ndagukunda! :) this has been a crazy week, i'll just say some of the miracles and crazyness! :P haha

So, J* and A* (still not quite sure about their last names...) got baptized on saturday! Friday they had their interview and their mom dropped them off and said to call her when they were done- we told her there was paperwork and she said to come by that night to fill it out. then after the interview- she wouldn't pick up her phone. so we found them a member ride and went by later that night- and she wasn't home. So we get to the baptism on sat morning when they're supposed to be there- and they weren't there. so we went to track them down and then finally they got there WHEN the baptism was about to start- and their parents dropped them off and then LEFT! and the paperwork hadn't been signed or filled out, so there was no parental permission- so they couldn't get baptized! we tried calling and calling and FINALLY we got the dad to pick up and 30 minutes later he came and signed the papers and we started the baptism. it was so crazy and so stressful, we almost had a heart attack. but it happened! :) seriously a miracle...

That same day we were taking Godelive to the temple for the first time to do baptisms, it was so exciting! and the adversary DOESN'T want people, especially recent converts going to the temple. first, we were driving down the road and a dog literally ran into our car and sister pearson thought it was a child and we though it had died and we were freaking out. sister davis (Rhyans mom) was driving and she went to look for it crossing a busy road twice but no luck. we just prayed it was either ok or died quickly. it was so sad, i almost cried :( then Ines, the translator forgot her temple recommend in the car and we had to go look it up at the front of the temple. and it was a saturday afternoon- so the Salt Lake Temple was CRAZY BUSY!! but after waiting for quite a while Godelive got to do confirmations and watch baptisms- the spirit was so strong and she loved it! peace really does come after all the trials- once you get into the temple, its mostly good :P 

and at the second ward christmas party i played piano and sang a song- which probably wasn't very good because i started getting sick (its full blast now) and i sounded like a frog- but the spirit was there! :D and bishop starr read the REALLY long story about Stubby Pringle- its like 12-15 minutes long, but hey, its funny! haha

Another miracle! we had our dinner cancel yesterday and we really need to eat with members so we can help them do missionary work, so went into a church room and prayed that someone would offer us dinner- all t through church we kept waiting and finally after the last ward had finished someone offered! and they had their less-active son and non-member friend there! it was a real miracle and we definitely told God thank you :)

ANOTHER MIRACLE!! we set goals for the transfer and really want to work more with Less- Actives so we can reactivate more and strenthen the wards. So we prayed for it! That night we planned on stopping by a former (who is crazy... like really, he's crazy...) so we could show him He Is The Gift. So we went over and as we were sharing it with him and his vietnamese girlfriend, a car drives up and she says, 'i want to set up a lesson with you guys!" turns out her name is Monica and she was baptized in kerns with her husband almost a year ago and then moved to california, is separated and wants a divorce, and is 19 and a single mom with one on the way. and she really wants to come back to church, be active and have callings! :D its amazing how God literally just puts people RIGHT in your path when you ask for it!

we also started teaching Godelive's sister, M*- who speaks less english than she does, but she's super sweet and we're super excited!

WE HAD OUR MISSION CHRISTMAS PARTY!! it was so fun and the members here are so loving and generous, they donated presents for us! and WE GOT TO WATCH FROZEN. i cried. because A) it was a good movie and sad at a few parts. B) it was a disney movie and i missed it! :P haha

hope all is well, i love you lots and see you later this week! :)

Great photo of Sis. Johnson and Sis. Pearson... BEAUTIFUL Sisters!

She loved seeing Sis. Latham, her "daughter".

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