January 5, 2015

♥ ONTO TRANSFER #3 with SISTER PEARSON!! :D (dated 12/15/14)

yes, the good news is that we get to stay together in the same area!! i thought for sure i was leaving- but god was laughing at me and decided to let me stay instead, which is great! not super common to stay with a companion more than 2 transfers especially after a whitewash, but we are soooo excited and can't wait to keep working our booties off and baptize everyone!!

So this week was great! It was sister taylors last pday as a missionary so we emailed and then went to Rancheritos for lunch... it was pretty good :) other than that it was a pretty normal pday, little bit of phase 10, little bit of piano, the usual :) had a fun FHE with the jones and brandon to! lesson with Jerry, he's going to work on getting the priesthood after he quits smoking. So many people are progressing well here, we're excited we get to stay and see the fruits of all of our labors! :)

We've just been teaching a lot which is fantastic and keeps us REALLY busy. Tue we taught a lot of lessons and we helped an investigator and her mom (who became a NEW investigator) answer one of the questions they've had about the church for like their whole life about joseph smith! we went back three days later and they'd read and they had questions and are SOOO excited to keep learning and eventually get baptized. they won't accept a date yet, but said when they know its true they'll get baptized ASAP :) we also added a former investigator family from bosnia- they are muslim- but believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God... confusing? yes. the muslim is more of the culture and family thing. but there are 7 OF THEM that are baptism age, so we added 9 investigators in one day! O.o if the dad can just decide to get baptized, they will most likely ALL get baptized- exciting!! :D

We also made our investigators treats this week- we made white chocolate peppermint pretzels, which was so fun! we also had this really amazing miracle this week! So when sister pearson and i first got to the area we contacted a lady named G* who said her husband was a LA member of the Samoan ward and that she'd always wanted to go to Gospel Principles. we tried and tried to set up lessons and get her to church, but it just didn't happen. TWO Sundays ago she came to church, but she asked someone where to go and they said they didn't know... so she left because she felt out of place... but she found our number and called us! So we set up a Church Tour for Wednesday and we were scared it wasn't actually going to happen... but she came!! And the spirit there was SO strong and we invited her to be baptized on January 10th, which she accepted! we told her hard things would come up (because they always do) and that she needs to rely on the gospel to get her through. It was just amazing to see how the Lords timing really is perfect and his plan as well :) 

Friday we took Sister Taylor to the temple for the session with president and departing missionaries and it was sad- we realized that it would be a while till we saw each other again- but that we will, so we aren't too worried :) we've just been so busy teaching this week and feeling the spirit all the time- amidst all the crazy STL stuff, like sleepovers (with a purpose- sister taylor went home last night so her comp sister soelberg had to stay with us :P haha), power hours, weekly planning, emergency exchanges because of breakdowns- but hey, we still taught 26 lessons (not counting the few we couldn't get members to) and we'll be having two baptisms this saturday! :D

We're excited we get to stay for christmas and new years in this area and the members are really happy too :) for some reason... people like us. its really weird, but when our stake president said he called the mission president to ask if we could stay- we think he may have been serious... :P haha but love you all and we'll talk to you over email next week... and SKYPE! excited, love to all of everybody everwhere! :) SING CHRISTMAS FOR ME!! :D


Beautiful Sister Missionaries!

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