January 5, 2015

Did I Hear Someone Say CHRISTMAS?! :) (dated 12/29/14)

this week has been fantastic, with christmas eve and christmas. Teaching has been a bit slower, but we've still taught a lot. Finding has been hard. but still loving the "He is the Gift" initiative, its really great for members and street contacts. 

Basically, this week was great- and i learned how to Crochet!! :D yes indeed, i can officially be a grandma now- licensed and everything :P hahaha jk but its a great skill! 

last week we did a white elephant for pday and i got a nose flute- BEST. GIFT. EVER... :) haha
We also got to go on exchanges which was great, we went with sister stratton and avery and we found a new investigator in their area and helped them with the things they are working on- i love being a Sister Training Leader- its not the easiest job in the world, but you get to help a lot, which i love to do- speaking of helping, we got to take sister stratton back to the hospital in the east mission because her pupils have been dilated and she's had migrane's and been forgetful and scattered since her concussion- but apparantely, everything is fine- she just has to limit activity that raises her heart rate- which is basically ANYTHING. 

Christmas Eve Rundown: Breakfast at President Starrs house which was great, he's a really great stake president (his brother is the Bishop of the 2nd ward where i skyped from). Basically for a lot of the day we were going around and sharing messages, caroling to people, then we had dinner with the Boyds and then the Jones which was great! Then spent the remainder of the evening at the Lewis's home and watched their nativity slideshow.... then it was....

CHRISTMAS!!!!! :D and it snowed a boatload. it was great. we fasted and prayed a LOT for snow, not only for a white christmas but also because we need it if we aren't going to be in a drought this summer. But it was great! and its snowing a lot again today (and yesterday we got a lot). So of course, we opened our presents which was fun- even more fun when you live in an apartment with four sister missionaries :) Then we got ready, did studies, had breakfast with the Starrs in 2nd ward, then SKYPED HOME! :) it was so nice to see my family i love them so much... and of course Dad had to be a stinker and make me pray at the end resulting in the shedding of tears and puffy eyes and red face. so, ya. not so fun part- but i got to see their faces and talk with them! it was the third skype of my mission and i have one more to go- which will be like 2ish weeks before i go home... O.o eeek! After skyping we had brunch with the Davis's (Rhyan the RC) and we played "Settlers of Catan" which was fun! Visited people, ate dinner with Samoans in the 3rd ward (yes, poly food and it filled us up!) then spent some time at Godelives house with her girls, mostly claudine. We played sorry with her and Godelive made us eat MORE food- it was good, but we were stuffed full to the brim! :P

Ok, funny moment of the week: we were eating dinner last night with a family in the first ward who brought sister bugingo (whose name is actually sister mukamisha apparantely...) and in the middle of dinner she leans over and whispers something. Because of her accent and my bad hearing, i thought she said "there's a bun in the oven" and after some clarification, she actually was saying she left a chicken in the oven and went home to take it out- but it cracked me up :P haha

Funny moment #2: our investigator J* was supposed to come to a baptism and we had a ride set up and everything. We get there and the spanish sisters call and this is the conversation: "so, they brought the wrong person..." us: "what? who did they bring" them: "his name is herrardo, he's LA- he's his uncle- and he's drunk..." it was definitely comical. He didn't make it to the baptism but he did make it to church for the first time this sunday!! :) Mawombi also came to church for the first time (Godelive's sister) which was so exciting- she definitely felt the spirit really strong :) 

Well, hope this new years week is great, everyone set goals- and don't base them around more money and less fat- make goals that will actually make a difference in your life and others lives. TREASURES IN HEAVEN PEOPLE! :) \

-L♥VE, Sister Johnson :)

Hannah's bitty stocking

And a big one probably from her companion's family. #momfail


Such a Hannah face!

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