January 26, 2015

Baptism of Water, Baptism of Fire

this week, of course has been really rough, we've seen miracles and the lords hand everywhere in the little things, bring miracles and tender mercies. but i'm grateful for all the trials, the tears, the changes- as hard as they are. There's so much to write and so little time, so i'll try to condense it as much as possible. 

We were doing companion study on thursday morning and all the sudden we hear crying or laughing from the living room where the other sisters study and we go out to see, and they are just sobbing on the floor, as as we go over to hug them and ask whats wrong, they say, "sister hansen died." we were so confused, but once we realized what had happened, we were just in tears together. Sister Carol Hansen is the wife of our mission president, and she passed away on Jan 21st. We'd seen her earlier that day (actually when we dropped the blanket off, tender mercy...) and she looked completely fine. but she was at the mission home that night and she'd just collapsed. thats all we know. its so hard on our mission, because she and president are the leaders and who we rely on for spiritual strength. and we just can't fathom her being gone. 

Miracles this week though! C* decided she's going to be baptized! we called  yesterday morning for her to come to church, and long story short, when she did she sat down next to me and said, "i want to be baptized!" so, feb 7th is the day we talked about! it makes me so happy, because i know in her heart she really does know that its true :) AAAND we saw m* and r* this week and they came to church, and they've BOTH decided to be baptized now, so they'll both the baptized on Feb 21st! :D So many miracles in the last week of my serving in Rose Park, because the news is- TRANSFERS! And they're kicking me out of the city and sending me up the hill to North Salt Lake! yes, where the apostles are, where its like 90% mormon, where i cover 28 WARDS!! but it will be a new challenge, and i'm really excited! :) i'm really sad to leave Rose Park though, i love it so much. 

Saturday morning we had a memorial service that was just for family and missionaries. everyone was really emotional, and of course it was the first time we'd seen president since, actually, the Monday before when we were supposed to have interviews. But we saw him, and he just looked so peaceful and happy. it made us cry even more. but he got up and spoke to us, and the first thing he did was show us his temple marriage certificate. he said, "some one asked me if i was ok. How can i not be ok? i'm married to carol hansen :)" aaaaaand the tears. one other thing he said that really stuck with me. as we got the initial call, he wanted us to know three things: 1) he loves us. this i know and feel on almost a daily basis. 2) we are busy missionaries- this is true, considering we are in Rose Park and there is so much work to do! 3) we can do hard things. I know this is true because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and what it made possible. i love my heavenly father and as i spoke in the 1st ward sacrament meeting i talked about these three points in relation to Him. He loves us, we have things to do in this life, and he knows we can get through hard things. I know President Hansen will still appreciate prayers, i've been able to feel the prayers and love too. Sister Hansen was an amazing woman and it was shown by the support at the funeral this morning- members of the 70, including the presidency of the 70, Elder arnold, elder Katcher, Elder Clayton, and Elder Oaks, who read a letter from the first presidency sent to president hansen. i'm excited for a new adventure and can't wait to see whats to come- three left, see you next week! :) love you!

p.s. i forgot to put about maombi's baptism! it was so good, the spirit was so strong, we even got a nonmember to play the piano for us! :) love you and have a great week- talk you you soon! and i don't need anything, im doing good. 

I (Hannah's mom) added this...
Sis. Holbrook wrote on her blog something important that Elder Oaks, an Apostle, said... this is from her blog:
At the end of the funeral today, Elder Oaks turned to the missionaries in the back - all 220 

of us - and said with great power, "GO and do thou likewise." 

Sister Hansen was a great example to these missionaries! Hannah is sad for her loss... and that her mission President will be released now. Sometime in the next few weeks they will get a new Pres. :(

At Sis. Hansen's Funeral (Thanks Jeni for the photo!)

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  1. What a hard week and what a great example of faith. Thank you Hanna.