November 24, 2014

You Know You're a Missionary in Utah When...

The guy sitting next to you in Gospel Principles name is Mohonri Moriancumer.
You get excited to go to the temple on monday 
You see your really good family friend (Joan Rudd) at the temple! :D
The bishop talks about missionary work in church and about how missionaries love food and people handing them money on the street... mostly elders though ;P
You get excited when you get to play "Signs" instead of Sports on P-day!
All the youth love you because you're awesome... :P haha jk... im still a dork...
and many other things... i'll keep thinking ;P hahaha

But this week was definitely great- and successful! we probably taught 30 lessons in total, 28 with a member there, which is amazing and a miracle!! especially in rose park when people cancel 24/7. And we've been able to find lots of new investigators- and not just semi-solid ones, but REALLY solid ones- like, they want to be baptized! 

Miracle #1: Finding Jessica. 
we had some cancellations and so we were trying to make visits... and we really had to pee. and we aren't supposed to visit members on monday nights (FHE) so we decided to knock on a random door... no one answered. Try one more random door! Someone was there and she let us in to use the bathroom! after that we asked if we could share a message and she said yes, we did, she said we could come back, boom! miracle! thats what happens. "keep my commandments and ye shall prosper in the land"- be diligent and ye shall find new people to teach who are prepared to hear the gospel!! :D 

Miracle #2: The Girls
Godelive's girls are still trying to decide on baptism, but they made leaps and bounds this week! before they were still caught up on the fact that they shouldn't be baptized again, but on exchanges (i wasn't there) they watched to Restoration movie and the spirit was so strong and they said they would pray about a date in December! THERE IS STILL HOPE! its so hard when you know people can feel the spirit and they know that what you are saying is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet, etc but they aren't making the connection in their head that the CHURCH IS TRUE! but they finally are, which is a COMPLETE miracle :) two of them came to church this last sunday, but the 30th they will all be there.

Miracle #3: Akira and Kino got baptized! :D
yes, it happened! and it was amazing. Kino was there just shining with a huge smile on his face, so excited. Akira came a little late and was really nervous, you could tell. But they both did it, got confirmed members of the church, we sang "Nearer My God to Thee" with sis pearson playing guitar, and we went up to akira after and asked her how she felt, she said "good." i asked, "does your stomach hurt anymore?" she said "no" :) the spirit there was amazing- and then we went to a Tongan Eating O.o... and it was literally like and HOUR before our dinner appt. #wearyourstretchyskirt :P

p.s. we are actually eating with ALL of their family for thanksgiving.. so this should be fun!!

We also got to teach a Stop Smoking Program to a LA this week, it went really well... and she gave us oranges!! yay! :P but really, it was awesome and you could just see how much she wanted to make changes and become better :)

Cultural experience: eating with Tongans, Eating LEGIT indian food (spicy... like i said, i'm slowly becoming desensitized...) :)

We also finally got to do some service and help sister davis paint! :D p.s. alex, apparently she has a son at BYU *wink wink* :P and he's SMART! hahaha jk, but for real...

well hope everyone has a fantastic thanksgiving and GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!! we've already had snow here a few times, just dustings- but its gonna dump soon! :) LOVE YOU!! ♥


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