November 24, 2014

If You Could HIKE to Kolob... oh wait, we DID! :P

interesting title? haha only in UT! we hiked ensign peak last monday and we looked at the top of the statue thingey and guess what it said?! KOLOB. i proceeded to announce: "Elders and Sisters, we Hie'd to Kolob." IT WAS LEGIT and awesome... little did i know that the cold, elevation, and intensity of the hike would make my exercise induced asthma kick in... but luckily, i didn't die :P hahaha

we were also able to have a really fun FHE with two of the Tuitopou families- we did 10 comm charades :) 

Tuesday was fun, we got to teach A* and rake leaves and also this happened:
there is a LA man named R*, and to cut the story REALLY short, he had been dodging us when we came over because there was a spirit in his home that would get mad everytime we came over or he prayed or anything. But he finally let us in and we found out and the Young Mens president came over and blessed the home. he was scared because he said the last time he went to church the next day he almost died in a car accident and so he attributed that to god, and we told him that things would happen and that he needed to attribute the good for god and the bad to the adversary... he said he was ready to come back and happy. THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG! well, day before our next lesson he got in another bad accident and almost died and told us not to come over and that he'd come back to church when he was ready. it goes to show that both satan AND GOD have real power and use it in our lives.

Weds i got to be on exchanges with sister Taylor again which made me SO happy, she goes home in 4 weeks so m going to miss her a lot and its going to be really sad, but we are LITERALLY going to be friends forever, we're stuck together :P haha

Thur was awesome- we got to go to the Temple with Rhyan and she did confirmations (she's scared of water) and we got to go watch, it was awesome and the spirit was SO strong, it felt so good to be in the temple again :) it was strange, afterwards we were close to the back entrance and were being ushered out fairly quickly when we realized it was because the first presidency and the quorom of the 12 were coming through- must have slipped my mind that thur mornings they all go to the temple... so, yes, we were out of there pretty quickly :) haha you could definitely FEEL it though, the spirit and power that they carry.

we also found a muslim family this week to teach, from Somalia and i don't know how active in muslim they are because we came in to share a message and they basically ASKED if they could come to church... it was cool, and they are open to learning more and being baptized!! 

Saturday was a cool experience- we did a mission-wide prayer for a "white" christmas (november, december, and coming months with 100+ baptisms!) we called it our MIGHTY PRAYER day/ Enos Day :)

Don't have too much more time to write so imma leave, but i'll write next monday! love you all and have a fantastic week! 
p.s. I'VE BEEN OUT ALMOST A YEAR!!! O.o eeeeek......


♥Sister Johnson ♫

With Sis. Taylor

It was Ella's Bday... so Hannah got creative!!!

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