November 5, 2014

Another Great Week in Rose Park!! :)

From her letter dated Oct 27, 2014

We started off having a lot of fun this week!! :) its been full of crazyness, cancellations, and miracles, of course!! :P haha

Monday we had lots of fun with the YSA sisters (Tranchina and Shields) and took fun fall pictures- it was a blast- to say the least :) we also biked around a ton and played frisbee and basketball

Tuesday we made cookies with Sister Verrill- one of the members who helps lots- to deliver to investigators and LA's and members. AND WE FOUND J*! he is our new investigator, he is from North Carolina and is in his 70's- he is so sweet!! He's Methodist but we walked about prophets and when we invited him to be baptized he said, "well, i dont know- but i think i'd want to follow the advice of a prophet!" it was ADORABLE!!

We also found S* this week! We were contacting a LA family and asked if they knew anyone we could stop by and share a message with and they said to go see the house on the corner- we did- and he said we could come back! he's separated from his wife, and living alone and used to be a preacher but he's willing to test out the gospel- its AWESOME!! :)

We also did a Q&A with the 2nd ward YW and it went really well- we talked about missionary work and the spirit was there the whole time. the youth are really excited to come out with us too, which is awesome! 

Thursdays we usually see a trend where the work is awesome- and it definitely was the trend this week! :D We had 12 set lessons- and half of them didn't go through- but we had 7 of them which is still awesome AND 4 of them were with investigators!! YAY! We also did a Power Hour with sister Stratton and Bennett. A power hour is when both sets split and are in one area so you are getting double work done- it was fun and we got so gauge what else we can help them with. 

G* is doing really well! its been a tough week for her- don't know if i mentioned this or not but last saturday she last really important documents (Social Security, I-94, etc) for her and her daughters- on the bus. So she's been looking all week and calling and praying but nothing yet- and she has had no peace or comfort and been really worried. we had multiple lessons last week with her in preparation for her baptism and last night when we saw her she was so unsettled and sad, so we called the fellowship and she got a blessing- it was amazing because even though she couldn't understand much of it at all i know the spirit spoke to her and comforted her through that Priesthood power and that everything will be OK. she was crying after the blessing :) and her girls are on the verge of deciding to be baptized- i  think the baptism on saturday will be a big turning point. 

and funny quote of the week from Akira, our 11 year old investigator who has taken lessons and FINALLY wants to be baptized: "no offense to the elders- but i think you guys were sent here for me because i like you better and you help me understand better" It was so funny. Not that Elders aren't great, but sisters were definitely needed here because the work is doubling-TRIPILING!! its great to see how far its come from when we were there the first week to now, LAST WEEK OF THE TRANSFER!!! We'd better both stay...

Sunday we were at church from 7am-4pm with all the meetings and everything. We had a youth talk last night as well with the 2nd ward as well and it was ALL about missionary work- that is the focus for the ward along with the youth, especially getting the YM on missions- ITS SO GREAT!!

Well, not TOO much else for this week- we keep finding, teaching, and the baptisms are coming! its amazing to see all of these children of God coming to Christ- Remind me next week to tell you about Alex's story- its awesome :) 

fall pictures!!

making cookies!!
morning crepes! :) 

service project!

1st ward Halloween party!! 

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