October 28, 2014

Another Week, Another Year!

so yes, it is true... im officially an old lady apparently... :P haha my week was awesome! and yes of course, my birthday was fabulous too! :) The week was crazy- lots of cancellations (normal for Rose Park), lots of treats- and cake. lots of cake... but lets start at the beginning... of the week... ;P

SO! Awesome things that have happened this week:
(I normally edit out the names on this blog for privacy but these ladies from the Congo have such beautiful names and I felt inspired to keep this paragraph unedited.)

Monday night we had a FHE with a member of the bishopric in the 3rd ward and Godelive and her three girls (Emmerance, Confiance, & Claudine) came as well. We taught the Plan of Salvation and explained from beginning to end with Claudine translating and at the end of the lesson, without us even inviting/asking, she just said (through her daughter translating)... "I want to be baptized". It was one of those moments where you know that what you are doing is SO WORTH IT, no matter what the trials, or how many people slam the door in your face or don't let you come back when the spirit testifies to them that its true, or anything. You could just feel its all true and we both almost cried... and the member, Brother Youngberg was just like, "all right!" :P haha. It was amazing- we're still working with the girls but they will follow.

Tuesday we were on exchanges and guess who i got to be with for the day?? Thats right, my trainer, companion, and friend- Sister Taylor :) its funny because almost her whole mission she was an STL- now i'm hers!! It was so cool- and weird... because it just felt like normal life, back to how it was, same-old-same-old :) we were really happy to be able to spend a whole day together, she only has 1 1/2 transfers left!! :( but we worked hard in her area and had a good day :)

Ok, now i can talk about my birthday :) IT WAS SO FUN! :D so i woke up to Sister Tranchine (one of the YSA sisters we live with) whispering to Sister Pearson to wake her up, trying to not wake me up (i dont think they know i was awake the whole time :P hahaha) but they came in a bit later and sang me happy birthday to wake me up, then we exercised and came back in, when i was in the shower they made me breakfast and it was delicious!! :) then we got ready for the day, did our weekly planning, had district meeting, went out to go and watch the movie "meet the mormons"... and there was my packages- and letters- and A CAKE!! it was all so awesome, and the movie was awesome too!! just like dad and mom (apparently :P) i as able to hold it together till the missionary mom, although the reactions of seeing salt lake city on the movie were different- more "woot-woots" and catcalls :P hahaha it was really good though- really glad it came to the Burlington theater! then our dinner actually cancelled that night- and they are tongan- so they gave us money and we went to apollo burger for dinner :) Got home and ate cake(s) and celebrated more :) it was a good birthday and thanks for everyone who made it amazing!! :)

Most everyone is progressing really well and we've found new people to teach this week! hard part- we lost contact with one of our investigators, she wouldn't return any of our calls or txt us back- turns out she had a drug relapse, with drugs we didn't even know she'd struggled with in the past- and she's definitely not getting baptized this coming saturday :( she could use prayers, her name is M.)

On a lighter note, I also got to go out to lunch with Sister Tyler and Sister Pearson!! it was awesome to see them and i got updates on Stansbury Park and how its doing :) i love MISSIONARY WORK!! :)

R*, the autistic girl is also doing really well, she's 20 and getting baptized on Nov 1st :) 

Its amazing to see our area from where it started to where it is now- we've just been building it up, finding people, referring people to other missionaries, and getting the area ready for a baptizing spell :) its amazing to see so many people coming unto Christ, even the members as they come out with us and help fellowship they get more of a spirit of missionary work and feel the saviors love for others :) 

Love you all and have a fantastic week!! :)
Look at this darling banner that they made her!
Opening her Birthday Package at the Mission office!

I love that she used a little jar candle I sent as a B-day candle. 
Apparently is was one yummy b-day!

I made this card for her forever ago... she loved it and I saved it to send while she was on her mission. 

The note describing my gift to her... an Ipsy subscription. I think she likes it! LOL!

What a great photo of the birthday girl and her companion!

Sis. Pearson and Sis. Tyler from Stansbury Park took her to lunch. So great to have her being loved!

(I also received some lovely email notes and photos from Hannah's Birthday and week! Also a sweet email from someone who visited with Hannah while her companion was at the dentist.)

"Lisa, your daughter looked especially beautiful this morning.  She had taken time to put a gorgeous  french braid in her hair and it was flawless.  She and Sister Pearson are working miracles together and I just love hearing how the Lord has a hand in their area and with their investigators.  I'm sorry you couldn't "listen in" this morning but it was such a great way to start off my day.  And by the way, after I sent you pictures a couple of weeks ago, I had a member send me my first ever picture of my daughter from her mission.  I also served a mission in Guatemala in the early 80's.  It's wonderful to see how missionary work has become so much more than tracting! "

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