October 5, 2014


so, our new area here in Rose Park is absolutely AMAZING!! not that the other one wasn't. this one just has so much work popping out of nowhere!! 
we got into the area on tuesday and got to work planning right away. the elders hadn't left any appointments for us so we started calling auxiliary leaders, bishops, WML's, etc. we just got out and started working. It produced so many miracles this week, here are just a few :)

Miracle #1: We called the bishop of the 3rd ward to set up a time to meet him and his family and he gave us a referral for a lady he had met when making visits, her name being G*. We went to see her that night and took a girl with us from Sister Pearsons YSA ward (luckily, the girl lives in our area too!) we knocked on her door and she let us in... but she hardly spoke any english... luckily, Ines, the girl we brought with us, was from Etheopia and spoke the SAME language, which was a miracle in and of itself!! She translated the first lesson for us as we taught it and when we got to the first vision sister pearson recited it and Ines asked if we wanted it translated in Kindurandan (not sure if thats how you spell it...) and we said just ask her how she felt. G* (in slightly other words) said "when someone ushers the word of God, you just know it". Such a testimony that the spirit works on people hard and knows NO language. we are now teaching her family and they are going to pray about baptism- there is her and her 5 kids! :) a whole family, and from the CONGO too!! :D

Miracle #2: the next night we went to a YM's activity for the 2nd ward by invitation from the Young Mens President... i think they were expecting elders...but... surprise! they got sisters!!! it was amazing, they did Q and A's towards us and we bore testimony SOO many times of the truthfulness of the gospel and of prayer and missions. The spirit was so strong the whole time. We challenged everyone to go home and pray if a mission is right for them. Then, after the activity, one of the young men came up to me and said that he had never felt a desire to serve a mission or felt the need to, but he felt something spark recently and especially that night and said he wanted to come out and teach with us. Forward to sunday- fast and testimony meeting! The same young man got up and bore his testimony about how he never had a desire to serve a mission and might have even had negative feelings towards it, but now is committed to serving a mission and wants to go. I looked over at the bishop as this young man was bearing his testimony and he was just smiling and in tears. I started tearing up too, because my testimony was just so strengthened, how as missionaries we really just instruments in the hands of the Lord and how we just get to help people change their lives for the better :) AMAZING.

MIracle #3: Finding miracle! we went to go teach a lesson to a few former investigator girls who's dad in the past hasn't let them get baptized, but they really want it. one of the girls, Jayna, brought a friend in the lesson with her named Hailey. For some reason, both of us thought that the friend was a member (i have no idea why) but when sister pearson asked her how her baptism was, she said "i haven't been baptized yet!" it was funny, then we realized that she would occasionally go to church on her own and we got permission from her dad to teach her as well! :) 

Miracle #4: too bad im not going to have time to write down all the miracles we had this week... anyways! Sunday night we were out making visits and we stopped by the house of two Muslim girls we had contacted and were able to share the message of the Plan of Salvation... again, neither parent spoke much English, so one of the daughters translated the whole time. It was interesting to hear some of what they believed as they shared some about their religion and how they are similar and different. but they said they would like to come to church and watch conference.. and we get to go back and teach them about the Restoration this week! 

So many miracles, so little time to type! but we worked so hard this week, biking around, contacting, contacting everyone, asking everyone for referrals, finding like crazy... we found 9 new investigators and taught so much... and our planner for this week is almost already full!! the Lord has so much in store for this area and i can't wait to see how else he is going to use me as an instrument to bring others unto Christ :) Keep the Faith!! :)


Also… i met people from the following countries this week!! Somalia, the Congo, Bolivia, Samoa, Ethiopia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Germany, and other countries in Africa- it’s so diverse here, it’s amazing!!! :)

goodbye to clausens and spencer! for now... :)

getting our toes and nails painted by a youth in one of the wards- chevron and m&m toes!!

bye to eubanks :(

goodbye to elder revoir :(

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