October 6, 2014

AMAZING!! Transfer 8 Week 2 :)

so we had yet ANOTHER great week with miracles. i don't have too much time to write, so i will be quick and just tell a few highlights :)
we had a leadership meeting and got to watch a clip from the movie "Meet the Mormons"- its really amazing. i want it to come to our theater in anacortes, and i think if enough people in an area request it to come through their website (i think its just meetthemormons.com) it will come :) 
it shows that we are normal people... good thing :P haha
M* is doing well, we had to move her date for baptism because she has been rescheduling a lot of lessons, but there has been a lot going on in her life and lots of trials for her in the last few weeks, so one day she called almost in tears and we went over before dinner and said a prayer with her, and you could just see how much it helped her, just that simple act of calling down the powers of heaven. Prayer is real :)
We also went on exchanges this week with the Spanish Hermanas. definitely a difficult thing, i can imagine how it is to be called spanish speaking and not know what anyone is talking about or what to say when you want to bear testimony. it was really cool though, and even though i couldn't speak very much, i was able to bear my testimony about the holy ghost and say prayers... even though they were in english, the spirit knows no language. many times i didn't know what was being said, but i knew the spirit was there and i knew they were understanding the principles we were teaching. we also contacted some people in our area and got a referral, so we'll see what comes out of that :)
Ok. so we were biking home to get our car for dinner and we saw these two girls standing on the sidewalk. we stopped to talk to them and one of the girls was the WML's daughter and the other was her friend Annie. Annie and their family are from vietnam and don't have a christian background, but said we could come back and share a message. So we did! and in the first lesson we taught about jesus christ and the atonement and how the gospel brings our families closer together... and they agreed to be baptized on nov. 8th if they know its true! it was amazing and heavenly father definitely blessed us for our diligence and obedience and hard work :) they are a great family and we are excited to teach them.
G* and their family are doing well too! we had a lesson and told them we had THREE tickets for them to go to conference and so they decided who would come. so on our way to conference we get a call from the fellowship asking if we had picked her up yet... we explained that we can't give investigators rides in mission cars. apparently there was a miscommunication and they didn't have a ride down! Soooo... we got them a ride.... and FOUR of them showed up, which meant we were just going to give them our tickets and watch it in the theater or something. It was hard though because their english is VERY limited and they didn't really know what was going on and conference is ALREADY crazy. FINALLY we got them in and went to go find another ticket... and we did! It all ended up well and we all got to watch conference (this was the sun afternoon session). They couldn't really understand because they speak kinurandan and the mom speaks swahili as well (they didn't have to capabilities to translate, their system was down), but the spirit was definitely there and the openening prayer specifically asked for the spirit to speak to us and tell us what we need to know. it was amazing :)
Whelp, i think thats enough for this week! we'll keep working hard and sharing the gospel with others and bringing others to the knowledge of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep the Faith and Come Unto Christ, as the prophets, seers, and revelators urged us to do :)


Hannah and her companion, Sis. Pearson

At General Conference with an investigating family!

Pres. Hansen. No clue what's going on here. LOL!


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