September 22, 2014


thats what we call it when you are only in one area for 6 weeks!! which yes, means that i will be transferred! the cool part is... i'm not leaving apartments!! Ok, here is the situation:
Sister Pilling is getting transferred out to Tooele as an STL. My new companion is Sister Pearson and i are staying in Rose Park but we are switching areas with a set of elders, so we are going to the Rose Park North Stake!! its going to be so fun to white-wash again!! this week was SUPER crazy, crazy busy, crazy EVERYTHING!! 

We had a few super good experiences this week. On wed. night the YW had a back to camp night kind of thing (Camp Bash) and we had some Non-Members and LA girls come, and everyone just loved everyone- it was great! but the best part was there was a girl who came up to us right as we were about to leave and asked if she could ask us a few questions, and for her first one she said, "how do you repent, because i want to go to the temple". it touched our hearts so much, we testified of the power of the atonement and repentance and how much the bishop can help. It was incredible to see her pure heart and righteous desires to get to the temple, and at such a young age too (probably between 14-16). She was so courageous to come and talk to us and she wants to make changes because she see's how much happier it will make her. its amazing!!

It was also hard this week because i was giving a training in district meeting on a really confusing/difficult subject and as i was training (which i already wasn't feeling confident about) the AP's sat down and joined in on the District. after i just felt like i didn't do a good enough job (not because AP's or anything, i was just feeling inadequate), but i just have to trust that the Lord was able to convey through the spirit what He wanted those missionaries to learn :) i love the Lord.

Sorry for the shorter letter, but here is the last Hurrah for this area for me:
so yesterday we got to watch the Ogden Temple Re-dedication which was amazing. the spirit was totally there and it was amazing to hear prophets speak again and apostles. the spirit that was there in the chapel when it became an extension of the temple was amazing and it was such a blessing to be able to participate in the re-dedication and do the Hosanna shout as well :)

Christ is real, we have a Heavenly Father who loves us, and the Gospel is true! keep the faith and do what is right! :) Love you and talk to you next week!! :)


spencer (a returned member) made us trees! super cool!!

lawn mowing :P

making tortillas :)

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