November 12, 2014

Us Crazy Mormons... :P haha

We've been told quite a few times this week how crazy we are, and how we are a cult and how joseph smith was crazy, etc. etc. etc. Each time we go through one of these experiences where people try to pull down our faith and tell us what we believe or what we are, we bear testimony, many times about how god is real and he loves them and we walk away with a smile on our face. i know the gospel has changed my life and so many others, and one day they will realize that-"Yea, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess... that he is God;"

Anyways- this week was pretty good, we were able to stay pretty busy! still lots of cancellations, of course, but thats just Rose Park :P haha

Monday we went to Costco and were in line to buy the stuff and this really awesome member from Park City paid for our groceries- it was so nice! so yeay, mom- i still have my gift card :P haha
we also had a really fun FHE with Godereva and her girls that night at a members home and re-taught the restoration. the girls are slowly starting to understand more- they believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but aren't making the connection that if he was a prophet that this is the true church and they need to be baptized... *sigh*... but its good, they'll get there :)

Tuesday was Transfer day! we were crazy busy and had a HUGELY full night, but its amazing to see how much our zone has already changed in the first week and is becoming more obedient and loving, we have amazing zone leaders who are there to help and it makes us so happy we just want to cry!! :) and we are finding so many african families, its fantastic! most of our investigators are NOT white, which is just so AWEOSME!!! :D

We've had a few really good lessons with our 80 year old investigator this week. he is just so sweet and the least stubborn southern baptist i've EVER met :P haha he can't read well at all, so we got him the book of mormon on CD so he can listen to it and he's excited, its just super hard for him to go to church because of his health- he just takes it day by day... but he is adorable :)

We also had an AMAZING lesson at temple square this week with the T*'s. We took them through "Gods Plan for His Family" and the spirit was SUPER strong... and i was crying in front of people. lets leave it at that... but after we went up to the Christus and when you look out the window you can see the SLC temple lit up against the black sky and we committed the whole family (well both of them- the active and inactive family) to have the temple as their ultimate goal- and the mom who isn't a member said she'll want to get there someday... and her son is getting baptized on Nov. 22 so we're SUPER excited :) 

everything is going so well and we are seeing miracles daily. We'll probably get to go with Rhyan this week when she goes to the temple for the first time to do confirmations (still not a huge fan of water and baptisms) :P This area is just so amazing and people are popping out from all over the place willing and ready to hear the gospel. This is our door approach sometimes and how it goes-

GOOD: hi we're the missionaries blah blah whats your name? (they say name). state our purpose, we were wondering if we could share a message with your family about jesus christ and how his church has been restored through a prophet. africans: sure, come on in! white people: busy right now, can you come back another day? get their information, teach, etc. of course, it doesn't always go that well, but we've been able to see a lot of both this week. Miracles upon miracles and i just love the gospel! :) hope you all have a great week and can't wait to see what miracles the Lord has in store for us this week! :)

Zone pic before transfers!

Tongan friends at Temple Square!

fall in UT!

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