November 5, 2014

Last Week of the Transfer- MIRACLE Baptism!

From her letter dated Nov. 3, 2014

to fully appreciate all the things that have been going on you would have to have been there for all of the prayers we offered, the fasts, the discussions, the planning- but so much was accomplished this week through the hand of the Lord and so many prayers were answered :)

We had a bunch of cancellations this week, which made this difficult. We plan and pray and prepare for these people and then they just say "im busy" or "i need to reschedule" or just aren't there. it stinks, but welcome to rose park :P but in the midst of all the cancellations and disappointment and hardship, we saw miracles and found really prepared people! :)

We found 8 new investigators this week, let me tell you a bit about them:
One is a 16 year old girl from Pakistan, she is Presbyterian and her mom is LDS, but not very active. She was an 8:45miracle, instead of just going in early we were diligent and continued working and found her! she said she is interested in learning more and has actually thought about getting baptized into the LDS church before- now how many times do you hear that on your mission? not too often, let me tell you :P haha

We also found this 13 year old boy. We knocked on his door looking for his brother and found him, and asked to share a message. his family is fairly catholic but not super active in the religion. We shared about the restoration and asked if he had any questions- he said he wanted to know if there was a heaven and hell, if he would see his family again after he died and if he needed to be cleansed from sin... needless to say, he is pretty prepared!! :) 

We also found a sudanese family of 6 who are open to taking lessons from us and open to baptism if they know its true! things are going really well and we are seeing miracles left and right! :)

Friday night we had dinner with Godereva (actually how you spell her name) and her daughters. it was so fun and i got to try MORE african food- stew and fufu! weird... but actually pretty good. AREN'T YOU PROUD OF ME MOM?! :P haha

and saturday- we had two baptisms! Godereva and Rhyan got baptized and it was such a good day! everything went smoothly and the spirit was so strong. it just makes me so happy to see these daughters of God enter into that covenant (promise) with Him to follow Christ forever and take His name upon them and keep the commandments. they are incredible :) 
Also- one of our investigators came to the baptism and she came up to us after and said she wanted to change her baptism date from March 10 to... November 22!! :) we've been praying and praying and she finally said, through praying about it that she wants to get baptized earlier!! :) so many miracles this week and so much good- i cant even write it all! :)

Cultural experiences: i got to eat FuFu and Jilaf rice, food from africa (two different families) and it was cool- guess what?! i'm eating spicy food- you should be extra proud of me... ;P haha

Hope your week was fantastic, this new transfer is starting and we get to stay together in the same area and continue to work hard and see miracles- but i only have 5 transfers left!! O.o eeek! its just not enough time and its scary, but i'll keep working hard and being obedient :) love you and have a great week!! :)


Godereva and her daughters

Fufu and Stew. 

I always tell her that I miss her face... so she's good and sending me reminders.

Such a great big sister! Pepper turned 16 on Monday.

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