May 25, 2015

When It Rains, It Pours (LITERALLY...)

Letter dated May 11, 2015

Some weeks are definitely better than others, this was one of those weeks that was just a bit rough. It had its ups and downs, but i think all in all it ended off on a good note :) 
Monday was a pretty good pday, we went bowling with the zone, which was awesome! it it just so happened that Farmington Zone was having a sisters pday, and so all the farmington sisters showed up to the same place and i got to see sister hamblin again and all the sisters i was STL for last transfer! so fun :) i'm proud to say that i got a strike. Singular. Hey, its a big deal. AND I PLAYED WITH NO BUMPERS. you would be soooo proud ;P hahaha also, sisters hano and i both enjoy playing the piano and singing, so we did that for a bit, which was fun. 
Tuesday was an AWESOMELY exciting day, we had the mission-wide meeting where we received training and instruction on the use of Media and Technology. SO EXCITING! we didn't get ipads there, we will in fact be receiving them at another special meeting this wednesday- but we're so psyched!!
also, there were huge rainstorms/thunderstorms/HAILSTORMS this week, which just made me crave the rain and moisture even more. On tuesday it was raining so much that when we got home we spent a good almost 10 minutes dancing and running around in the rain, enjoying just having fun and letting loose. Needless to say, we were soaked and loved every second of it. ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!! :D then, the zone leaders texted us and said we were going to go sing to one of the sisters and so we headed over there after already getting in, but found out that she was going home, which was really sad for all of us- her and her companion were both having a rough time so we just decided to stay with them- and of course i ended up sleeping on the floor which i was fine with, but that ment i got no sleep and the next morning we were DEAD with a capital D. 
We were pretty pooped so we took it easy, but during lunch there started to be rain and lightning and then it was literally coming down in buckets. and i don't mean the rain, i mean the PEA SIZED FREAKING HAIL. there was basically a flash flood, and even on the top of the hill many people's basements were flooded and there was debris and piles of hail everywhere. hey, at least everything was is green! :D this rain and thunderstorming continued throughout the week and made me just as happy as could be. 
we had some really good meetings and did service, deep cleaning the church building- which included scraping nasty gum off the bottoms of all the chairs, which isn't the most enjoyable but bearable :P hahaha
and of course, it was mothers day this week! it was so good to skype with my family and talk to them, although it was strange to realize i've done it 4 times now and i won't be able to do it again. 
we've had some really good lessons this week, and thought a lot about how we can help people progress and of course our district meeting was on dropping people. but all's well and i'm still working hard of course, can't wait to tell you next week how everything is going with ipads- probably email from home! :) have a great week, keep the faith, and go out and be the answer to someone's prayers! :) 
fun in the rain, freaking at the hail! bowling, and messin with my hair ;P haha

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