May 25, 2015

More April Snow :)

Letter Dated April 20th, 2015

Um, yeah... this week we got like 6inches of snow up in NSL it was crazy- started snowing in the evening, snowed ALL the next day, NONSTOP. then the next day it started melting, gone that evening and then beautiful spring weather! its just like they say- if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes ;P haha
also, today will be crazy because we have a lot to do- so a quick email will be necessary :) 

Ok, so pday was pretty normal, super crazy and busy- but we went to Farmingtons activity and i got a yummy sonic drink- and i made french toast for breakfast- super yum!! :) Went to dinner with the jones (mexican food)- btw mom, no mexican food or chinese takeout when i come home, OK? :P and when we got back to their house their puppy ran out and was so excited and jumping all over the place and then... peed on my shoe on accident... lovely. it wasn't too big of a deal, just hosed it off :P hahaha 

Tuesday was a super windy day, it was ridiculous! and it was like 65-70 outside, so windy and HOT. and then it switched super suddenly and it was freezing and started to snow in the evening... you know the story :) We had a lesson with R and D and it was pretty good. Lesson with J as well and she's really starting to progress, as well as with J and G, recent converts and with A- which we'll tell you more about in just a minute :) 

We had an awesome District Meeting this week and it was sad because 4 MISSIONARIES just in our district were going home- so we heard some words of wisdom... some awkward disobedience confessions... but all in all awesome :) 

Slightly less sister drama this week. my companion and i were talking and before our missions we didn't realize that missionaries were disobedient- i guess we thought they were perfect- don't ever make that mistake, because no missionary is perfect and some just aren't out for the right reasons, which is sad. but true. 

We played Bingo with the old people at our assisted living house in the area and man are they sassy! when it comes to Bingo, they'll step all over you :P haha its kind of hilarious. but we love them! 

Sunday we got to give talks in the morning, we both spoke on the Law of the Fast- i focused on how we can be blessed for fasting. after that we went to our ward and Elder Hales was there- he was looking much better than he was a while ago apparantely. How weird is that though, that its a normal thing to have an apostle in your sacrament meeting?! #utah #NSL
after that we went to another ward and we got a call from President Spendlove- i was released from being an STL and i get to stay in my area here in NSL and my new companion is Sister Hano, from Anchorage AK! i'm excited, its my last transfer and i'm going to make the 100% BEST out of it. there are some really amazing missionaries in our zone and guess who MY new STL's are? YUP! Sister Pearson and Sister Shafer! semi ironic actually :) 

OK, one more miraculous story! we had a lesson Sunday evening with a bishop and investigator who last time we met with him wasn't progressing at all and it was 2-3 weeks since we've had a lesson. But the lesson yesterday was AMAZING! he talked about how he's been getting amazing answers to prayers and he started the Book of Mormon over so he could understand it better. The spirit was so strong! AND, he came to church all on his own- HUGE MIRACLE, never happens.
People in our area are starting to progress, which is a miracle in and of itself, its been a struggle but hard work is paying off and now i can dedicate 100% effort to this area and investigators. Its what it needs, and i'm so excited for the things that will be coming up this transfer... "indoor plumbing, its gonna be big!"- Hercules :)

Have a great week, love you lots- go out and be the answer to somebody's prayers :) 


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