May 25, 2015

If April Showers Bring May Flowers, What Does April Snow Bring?

(Letter dated April 13, 2015)

yup. we got snow this week (more in NSL, not as much lower in Bountiful and Farmington). This week has been really good, it feels like its going WAAAAAAY fast, but tis the life of a missionary. BOO. Monday we were going on a hike, but i ended up staying with sister Holbrook because of her medical stuff. so after hiking for awhile, we decided to be done and go get frozen custard... happy days, all is well. it was tons of fun! 
We also had MLC this week and i just love President and Sister Spendlove, they're just amazing :) our mission is goint to continue to improve and rise higher and head towards super legitness- even more than it is now :) haha
We had a miserable meltdown this week. on our way to another meeting with president we had to grab lunch and went to arby's drive through. sis hamblin got a french dip and the sauce spilled ALL OVER THE PLACE!! it got all over her, then on the floor, then her bag got put in my lap, and it got all over my white skirt, it was a wreck. we were just screaming and laughing and giving up on life all at the same time. then, we had the meeting with president... embarassing...
We did lots with sisters this week- we did some power hours and an exchange, had Zone Meeting, planning sessions with sisters, crazy busy!! Zone meeting was really good (except that i was feeling super sick) and one of the Zone Leaders asked if i would participate in a musical number... and when it got to the part of me and another sister singing, she stopped singing, and it turned into a Solo... greeeaatt... haha it was funny though, people could tell that it wasn't supposed to be a solo :P haha
Miracles on exchange!! I went on exchanges with sister Armstrong, who is a super great missionary! But it was amazing, we went to a lesson and who is it? Trichelle! she's someone we found and taught in my first area (Centerville) and she's doing really well! hasn't gotten to the temple yet, but will definitely be getting there. She talked about a change she had because of something we'd helped with and it was amazing to see that i really did make a difference in someones life. It feels amazing :) 

Also, the past few weeks we've been getting fed a lot of mexican food... but they were fed salmon while i was gone on exchanges... lets just say i expressed a lot of gratitude to heavenly father that night ;P but i''ve labeled this area "Chinese take-out and American Mexican"

I lost my scriptures this week, and i was stressing so bad. but we prayed, and then found them. the end. so many wonderful miracles :) also, the new primary song "Gethsemane" is super pretty, i loved it! we got to teach primary and YW this week and a few wards and it was on the restoration. 
I guess all in all not much happened this week, it was kinda slower, not too exciting. But i love being a missionary, next time i email you'll find out about transfers- last one! Get out there and be the answer to someone's prayers! :)

Peace out- SISTER JOHNSON :)

love ya!!

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