May 25, 2015

WEEK of all Weeks.

Letter dated May 18, 2015

Well, lots happened this week but i'm sure i wont remember half of it, so here goes nothing!
first off, we had a super busy pday and i got THE cutest skirt ever. i had been eyeballing it every time we passed by and im going to wear it forever. I know, im such a girl. But, alas. I was happy :) haha 
tuesday we continued to get rain and we had a really good lesson with the Jones about the Sabbath day and why its so important. I love their family so much!! i just can't say it enough. 
wed we got to do more service, we got to shovel, rake, and move dirt. #sisterlifesavers :) haha
...and had a meeting where we got out IPADS!!! so exciting, they are amazing tools to use in sharing the gospel and i love the gospel library and access to resources during studies. Its amazing!! :) We had a great district meeting and it was really good... except for the fact that i got my... DEATH SENTENCE. as in the travel information. It hasn't fully hit but in small bits and pieces i realize that life is ending- thats really what it is. This life at least. When you're finishing your mission you're closing a chapter on your life and opening a new one, but it doesn't mean the mission will end, it continues throughout your whole life. and man, its a long life (hopefully :P haha)
anyways, we also had a lesson with Tim and Natalie, Gavin, the Lyons, everything is going ok.
1) i learned the coolest trick EVER this week at lunch.Take a small potato and cut it in really thin slices. take the glass tray out of the microwave and clean it. spray with cooking spray and lay the potato's down and salt. microwave for 5 MINUTES--- ta da! you have delicious crispy potato chips that have 0 grams of fat! super legit, i just changed your life :) hahaha

2) we had a miracle this week!! some other sisters contacted someone on the street and passed him on as a referral. He's had a super rough past and hard life, but he wants to turn it around and change his life for the better. He wants to get rid of all the hatred and anger bottled up and we're so excited to start teaching him and his family! 

3)we spoke in one of the wards this last week and it was awesome, because sister Uchtdorf showed up and she is just sooo sweet! :) man its just so cool, how many people get to say that they were the missionaries in apostles wards!! amazing.

well, thats all for now folks. Next week will be my last letter as a missionary, so i will prepare accordingly. Love you all and have a fabulous week! :)

Proof that Sis. Johnson has teeth and a beautiful smile!

Her reaction when she found out here sister is getting married. 

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  1. Awe! So fun to hear about your week! Love those cute pictures!