May 25, 2015

Buckle Down and Get Crackin'

Letter dated April 27, 2015

This is basically what we did this week. We grabbed our bootstraps (kind of literally...) and hit the ground running. Sister Hano has 6 weeks to learn the area so we spent a lot of time trying to set up appointments and organizing the area, referrals, etc. 

Monday was spent packing (just sister hamblin mostly) and getting everything ready. We had an awesome lesson with the Jones- they made us virgin Pina Coladas, delicious!! and we had a lesson with Austin, the first NML- yay!!

Ok, ever since Sister Hano got here we've gotten a lot of sandwiches- and not just normal ones, SALAD sandwiches... egg, turkey, chicken, tuna- none of which i'm a huge fan of... but, tis the life of a sister missionary! #utah. 

I was supposed to go to the Butters sealing this last saturday (from Rose Park) but her baby came really early and is still in the hospital, so they're pushing back the sealing till June. Sad, but Heavenly Fathers plan is still perfect!

Avoiding the "how long have you been out/when do you go home" question fairly well :P haha we get asked probably 3-5 times a day. 

Sister Hano calls this the Land of Milk and Money- AKA, the place where people are DEFINITELY well off- therefore, so are our stomachs... hahahahahahaha!! :P

So, huge miracle/ stressful moment this week! Went to write down a return appointment with Gavin (we had a good lesson!) and my planner was completely and utterly GONE. and anyone who serves a mission (or has a planner) knows that its basically the end of the world. and i'd moved all the names and referrals from the past two transfers into that planner, so it literally had everything. We looked and looked, prayed and prayed. and nothing, couldn't find it anywhere. We thought maybe it had fallen out of my lap onto the ground somewhere, but looked to no avail- and it was rainy and windy, i thought for sure it was gone forever- and this was literally the third day of the transfer. it stunk. But we kept praying and as i was writing in my journal i FINALLY received the revelation that it had been left in Gavin's house, because i'd taken it out to look at a scripture. I felt so much peace and even though i didn't have the confirmation from his mom yet that she'd found it, i knew that Heavenly Father was aware of me and my needs and the needs of the area. And we both realized that we'd had the same small prompting to talk to Gavin when we were looking in that area, he was playing outside. But we didn't and it was kind of a spiritual slap in the face (in a good way) and a confirmation that my personal goal to work on recognizing and acting on promptings from the spirit is definitely an acceptable and needed goal to work on. 

Sister Pearson and Schafer came to Zone Meeting and sis Pearson chopped ALL of her hair off, it was shocking! but looks good! :P haha 

We got to do service twice this week: yardwork at the Marquette's and we got to help rip apart the Jones's house, its a work in progress but we're having plenty of fun!! :) hahaha 

We're really excited, there is a lot of good happening in this area and lots of good on its way. Sister Hano (from Anchorage) and i have a lot in common- piano, singing, etc- therefore, we get to do the musical number in Zone conference tomorrow, which i'm excited for! 

In church we taught the 14-16 year olds about us and what we liked and then talked about missions, how to prepare, what was helpful, etc. then we went to another ward and i was randomly asked to bear my testimony. any other point in my life i would have been shocked and probably freak out. But not anymore, welcome to being a missionary :D haha

love you all, Keep on keepin on, and Go out and be the answer to someone's prayer! :) LOVE YA!

Sister Johnson

peace out girl scout.

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