May 25, 2015

Missionary- When its OK to Feel Good About Making Someone Cry ;P

Letter dated May 4, 2015

we were super crazy busy this week, which was awesome- except for the fact that it makes time fly waaaaaay too fast. But super excited to skype home this mothers day and see my wonderful family!! But let me tell you about our wonderful week!
Sister Hano is as awesome as ever, we have so much fun (maybe too much sometimes ;P) Pday we decided to take a bunch of clothes that had been left in the apt to Plato's closet, a place where they give you money for your clothes- long story short, we got some money and got new dresses (super cute ones!) to wear to Zone Conference the next day- we were SUPER excited!! after that we played on the piano and sang and just hung out at the pday activity. Had a good lesson with the Pontious's about reading the Book of Mormon and with Rozanne and Delroy about tithing and fasting. 
Zone Conference was AWESOME, as usual! it was President and Sister Spendlove's first one, but they both did amazing! it was kind of strange to not be involved on an STL level, but a nice break- i got to focus on learning and improving myself instead of constantly seeking revelation for other missionaries- how i could help them- although, i couldn't help but let my thoughts go in that direction anyways... :) we did a musical number which actually turned out really good and i was glad, because they made us sing after lunch- no bueno. But, i'll post it on Facebook one day :P haha
Awesome lesson with the Jones and the spirit was so strong, and yes-  Brother Jones cried just a little bit, but its not actually uncommon- he cries when he feels the spirit and he's been feeling it a lot lately :) We decided to come over the next day and help them in the backyard, they were working on a rock wall but Sister Jones can't heavy lift right now- so they called in the reinforcements- us! :D so much fun, we were probably rolling rocks that were 100-300 ibs- i thought my heart/lungs were going to give out! and it was the middle of the hottest day of the week, so extra miserable! but of course, loads of fun :) -p.s dad, you would especially love this family, they're awesome.
we were able to teach a lot this week and people are starting to progress more, but we also had a normal amount of cancellations of course. 
So we visited a sister in the Orchard 11th ward because she broke her back, and who do i run into? Zander Millard! such a small world, we pull up and i see an Anacortes license plate and think, oh, maybe her family is here because she's hurt! I honestly realized how awkward of a return missionary i'm going to be though... we were laughing at me for the rest of the night. #nevergonnabeanRM.
We did more service on Saturday, some sisters called in for help from the zone so we helped pull weeds and yardwork for much of the morning. then we had an awesome Temple Square lesson with R and D- they're slowly getting there, but it was awesome because they saw the temple model and asked lots of really good questions. they definitely felt the spirit, the question is if they REALLY recognized it though. 
We got to teach a RS lesson on how sharing the gospel brings us peace, and it was pretty good- love making people cry as a missionary/teacher- because its actually acceptable and OK :P hahahahaha
Sister Hano hit her 9 months this week, so of course we had to celebrate a bit- So we just went to a super yummy place for lunch and then got FroYo which is so delicious- its like Toppins (in Anacortes) but called sip n' swirl. 
Also, at church, i realized it was my last fast and testimony meeting as a missionary and it was kind of a sad realization. it happens on random occasions, i have a small realization that i'm going home soon but it really hasn't HIT yet- i'll let you know if/when it does :) 
Things here are good, i'll keep working hard of course, and home that everything is going well on your end! Have a great week!
p.s. happy mothers day mom! ♥
Love, Sister Johnson 

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