March 29, 2015

Permission to Leave Mission Boundries... ALL OF THEM :P

explanation of title later :)
this week has been crazy as ever, but really good of course- lets see what i can remember :)

Monday we had a super fun sisters p-day- badminton, flew kites, played apples to apples, fooseball, air hockey, vollyball- SO GOOD! :) all in all, it was an awesome day except for the fact that all our appointments cancelled- so we tried to visit some people, which is hard on mon nights, but then we had exchanges with Sister Holbrook and Hay, and man was that fun!
I got to spend all of Tuesday with sister holbrook who is an absolutely amazing missionary- but she just happened to have a doctors appointment in Sandy that day... so, i have officially been in all of the Salt Lake Missions (passing through, dr. appts, etc.)... while still on my mission. Welcome to my life- now how many missionaries can say that? :P 

Also, we had interviews that morning! I love President and Sister Spendlove, they are absolutely amazing- and i may do this for their name instead because its shorter and awesome: $♥
I love interviews. the end. super helpful, like therapy :)

We then had to take the car to the dealership and instead of telling us how long we were supposed to wait, we sat in the waiting room for 3-4 hours and no one came and said anything... and then when we asked they still hadn't even looked for it.  we definitely needed a car, so we were able to get a temporary one. And then she was just feeling really sick and i was grateful it was me with her. She and her comp are both awesome and tearing up their area (in a good way) :) Also, it was St. Patricks day... didn't do anything special.

Thur we did weekly planning, had a super great District Meeting. Murphy's Law applies again in my mission- anything that can go wrong, will go wrong- and its usually all at the same time in many aspects of life. For example, when something happens to one sister, all the other ones start falling apart. But i'm just grateful that we're able to help them in any way we can :)   
We got to go to a mission call opening of a girl who we take on splits with us and i think it was the first one since i opened my own- which was over 18 months ago... crazy! But of course, they had a place to guess and i guessed WA state- she got called to the WA Tacoma mission- lucky girl ;) not nearly as awesome as the USCLM though :D haha!

OK, for real- march is going waaaay too fast. hit my 16 month mark this last week and i LITERALLY never thought i'd get to this point. i don't like it.

We also went on exchanges this week with sister Scanlan and Stratton, which was fun! Sis Scanlan is Samoan and from Anchorage, super sweet sister! we got to teach R* and D* and they are doing awesome! Slowly getting their answer, they just need to seek more actively. 

Also, this weekend we had Stake Conference in the NSL stake, and it was really good- President and Sister $♥ were there and spoke and called us out (in a good way i guess) encouraging the members to help us and find us more work. Elder Bourne was presiding and he's really awesome- he spoke at our Christmas Devotional about A Christmas Story- super good, super spiritual :) 
Next day, our High Councilman asked if we wanted us to sit with him and his wife, so we did... and they happened to be sitting with sister Bednar as well (her husband was in Mississippi) and so we sat next to Sister Bednar- and man, she is just SO super sweet. :) 
AND YESTERDAY WE FINALLY HAD AN INVESTIGATOR COME TO CHURCH! and it was the one who just had triplets, so it was a big deal. We were so happy. seriously, it had been a few weeks.

Also, funny thing. Somehow we get roped into dumb stuff sometimes... we already had dinners set with members but somehow investigators roped us into eating with them as well ahead of time, and WML's sometimes get sassy if we cancel with members... so twice this week we had two dinners- and they weren't that tiny. and members took us out to eat a ton this week. Satan is trying to foil our plan of eating healthier and losing weight. Curse him. BOO :( 

all in all, not too crazy of a week. the weather has been beautiful and we had rain today! :D

Hope all is good and have a great week! 
also, pics: monday nights diner (delicious!!) sister holbrook at the end of a VERY long day, our prayer duck :), and bountiful at night, ipsy eye stuff, my hair today :)



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