March 22, 2015

Time Stops for NO Missionary :)

(Letter dated March 2, 2012)

Another great week here in NSL and bountiful, its been going really well- even though i think people may cancel here more than Rose Park O.o sometimes, agency is the bane of my existence- then again, its the greatest gift- right? :)

Monday was fun- one of the sisters had their departing temple day, so her companion Sister Hay was with us for most of the day. Ok, coolest thing- i finished "The Infinite Atonement"! its such an amazing book and i've learned so much from it about the Savior and his Atonement. We had a pretty fun pday, one of the elders in the district got his visa to Taiwan, so we had a bit of a going away party for him at a members home (in the basement) played games, had snacks, the usual just hang out kinda thing- it was good though :) i've been feeling better- not so sick, which is really good. stuffy nose is all :) OK, MIRACLE! middle of our pday activity DELROY and ROZANNE txt us (the africans from zimbabwe) and ASKED us if we could come over that night and teach the first lesson!... FINE, we'll do it! :P haha it was a really good lesson too! Delroy has a really good background and agrees with everything we believe (so far) and he's taking it really seriously because he understands the importance of knowing truth. he and rozanne had all the right answers! :)

Tuesday was an AMAZING zone conference, the last time we'd see President Hansen- which was sad, but we know we'll see him again- actually he said if we don't keep in contact he'll hunt us down, so, no escaping him! :D but we had amazing trainings on Faith, Diligence, and Obedience and we did a Role Play/Training on Diligence- we were with the Cannon Zone (Glendale) and so i got to see Sister Latham, which was so fun! :) she's such a great sister. Also, for a portion of the meeting all stake leaders/ward representatives were invited and we discussed Hastening the Work through Retention and it was so good to have them all there and be on the same page- communication is definitely something that can be improved in one of our stakes. We were taken out to dinner after that (Joy Luck- Chinese-YUM!) and then another MIRACLE! we went to contact a referral of a new move in that ASKED us to come teach her and her son- and she was home, and she's awesome! her name is K* and she's a single mom, and loves crafty stuff- making old things new, etc. she's thought about being baptized before but never really decided, so she wants to take lessons to finally decide- YES! :D

Wed we got to go on another exchange and i was with Sister Panuve (from Tonga) and it was a great exchange. Its so sad when you teach someone though and they are so stuck in their ways that they literally wont let themselves receive an answer from the spirit because they're already decided in their head and in their heart that what we teach can't possibly be true. lets just say, i got a bit emotional after... and during... the lesson. im really bad at holding myself together :P but all in all it was really good and she is a super great, super hard working sister :) 

Thursday we didn't have district meeting because of ZC on tue, but we did do weekly planning, which went well. pretty chill day.

Friday it started off being ONE of THOSE days. i didn't even want to shower- but i did! you would be proud... we finally found someone in NSL who is going to let us do service next week- super exciting! she is LA and has lots of health issues, but is super nice and loves us coming over- so we're gonna help her clean :) 
OK, funniest contact ever: we knocked on this door and a guy opens it and says his name is I*, from Missouri. He seemed to know a bit about the church and told us a few things he appreciates about our religion, but said there was one thing he didn't agree with. "you guys believe in, like, a schitzoc Jesus- right?" we almost laughed out loud SO BAD! we were like, "well, no... we believe in the same Jesus everyone else believes in..." he was like, "Oh, alright!" he said he'd read anything we give him, so we're going to take him back a Book of Mormon and invite him to Ward Basketball :) super exciting- you don't have as many experiences like that in Bountiful haha. 

February flew by and we're already into march- cant believe it!! We found a new LA lady to teach this week, missionaries had visited her often but kinda got lost in translation- reasons why updated area books are important! also, previous sisters had mostly just hung out and done service with her, so we're hoping to be able to help her come back to church :) 

OK, so the crazy experience on Sunday- we had appointments with WML's, and helping wards out- so we found ONE window where we could take the sacrament before one of our meetings- and it was in the same ward that Sister Nelson and Sheri Dew are in. So we sit down in the front of the overflow and i point them out to sister hamblin and then i look up and who is sitting on the stand? Elder Nelson. of course. I'm pretty sure i could see him staring into my soul from up there. and then we left right after sacrament, but i've had my first experience now with apostles in sacrament meeting- not terribly uncommon in NSL though. normal, actually!

well, that sums up my week pretty well, transfers next week and i have NO idea what's going to happen. I'd really love to train again before i go hoe, but i have no idea whats going to happen and i know that with President Spendlove here now that things are going to continue on the path they were/ I'm excited to work with him and have a new mission mom, i love and will miss President Hansen but excited for what they will bring as well- and he has hair- wierd!! :P hahaha
love you and hope you have a great week- Go out and be the answer to someone's prayers (-Sister Hansen), and as President would say- "Don't Slack Off!"- Steven W. Hansen :)


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