March 22, 2015

Week of MORE Craziness... and Miracles :)

(Letter Dated March 16, 2015)

This week has been the DEFINITION of crazy. Literally. Mon was fun, pretty chill- we had Sister Hay with us all day because her companion went home, so it was fun to temporarily be in a trio again :) Cool experience on Monday evening! We have a couple that are soon-to-be mission president and wife in the Omaha Nebraska mission (the Gardiners) and they wanted us to come role-play teach the restoration with them- and it was great! after they were talking about how they want to teach with us more and asked if we knew Jeffrey and Venus... 
back track a bit- the elders street contacted someone a few days earlier who was completely ready to come back to church and has a husband/fiance who wants to learn more. the elders set up an appt with them to pass them to us which was the next day... and yes, their names are Venus and Jeffrey! same people! so we taught them the next night and Sister Gardiner came to the lesson and it was awesome! 

Tuesday was transfers, which was crazy as usual! Apartment checks in the morning, getting lost of the highway and accidentally taking a detour to Centerville, you know me- terrible with directions :P We helped lots of sisters get settled and moved in and spent a chunk of time planning for the transfer and how we want to help the sisters. we had three lessons that night as well, which is really good! Including our awesome african friends Rozanne and Delroy and the Recent Convert Ian. 
Wednesday we had a really good Leadership Meeting with President Spendlove and all the mission leadership. President and Sister Spendlove are doing a really good job leading this mission so far, they're dedicated, humble, and ready to work hard :)

So, now that we cover 7 companionships of sisters, we have to try to juggle 3 district meetings (2 in a completely different zone), 2 pday activities (although today will be a sisters pday, everyone together- girls only!) and working with two zones of leadership. And we individually visit each companionship this week to get goals and schedule exchanges- our sisters are great! But there wasn't one night this week (besides last night) that we were in bed before like11pm almost. We were super exhausted...

Its been really good to get our teaching back up this week- people cancel a lot and its so up and down, obviously the more you teach the better you feel as a missionary :) But we've found new people this week, seen lots of miracles and coincidences/TOTALLY not coincidences, and just had lots of fun :) 

OK, funniness :) Delroy's dad is also from Zimbabwe and his birthday was monday... so we got him a super random funny gift that included a hot pink hula hoop and turban and toy car, ducky slippers, etc. he said he's going to get revenge :D

We are starting something new in our zone where we have a short training meeting to help us improve our mad skills and not be awkward when we talk to people. so we spent lots of the day walking around as much as we could because we're trying to talk to more people... Welcome to Davis County- literally everyone we talked to was an active member... but the next day we had 4 NM/LA contacts! we built trust with Heavenly Father! :) 

BTW- weather has been SUPER nice here. like awesome. high 60's low 70's. today's supposed to be like 76 :)

Our week was full of miracles. we finally had lessons set up with people we either had been trying to meet or had cancelled a TON, got a solid referral over txt (hey, these people want to meet with you kind of thing) and getting SUPER pumped for the new Easter video thats going to be coming out soon- Because He Lives- we got a sneak peak because we ate dinner with a member who helped produce it- its legit (not released yet) 

Other than that, these next few weeks we will be crazy STL's all over the place doing exchanges and helping sisters- and we have interviews with President tomorrow- yay! have a great week and enjoy life! Go out and be the answer to someone's prayer :)

Peace out Girl Scout- by the way, i gotta go buy some GS cookies today... :) 

Sis Hamblin got duct tape stuck on her arm
fun at "The FIZ" :)
Facil's birthday :P
also, my talk on the book of alma (my notes are hardly legible, but mom wants to ready my talks, so here you go :P)

Hannah's talk notes... what a treat!

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