March 22, 2015

On The Mend :)

(Letter dated Feb 23, 2015)

honestly, this week was just completely exhausting. we had so much to do and not enough time to do it, and in addition i was really sick for half of it- but i'll start from the beginning of the week :)

monday we did a pretty fun pday activity- it was a sisters pday, no elders allowed :P haha we went to the Gardiners home (recently called to be the new mission president/wife for the Omaha mission)- and of course, we find the connection- sister gardiners mom was sister mccombers moms mission companion! :P the gospel creates such a SMALL WORLD- especially when you serve a mission in UT :) and my crocheting is getting lots better too! we were also able to teach Gavin (a RC) that night and Austin, a last lesson before his baptismal interview :)

Tuesday, i was simply not feeling so hot, but i pushed through it kind of thing. Sister Lwin had her birthday, so we took her a small gift :) we had a pretty empty day, so just tried to contact people. but dinner was with a family who moved from my last area to here, about the same time i was transferred- so we ate with them and it was just one of those tender mercies :) but because of some confusion, we had a SUPER packed night and were going non-stop. i thought i was going to pass out... but i didn't! :D heavenly father looking out for me. 

i also got a call from sister pearson saying that C* was going to the temple for baptisms wed morning. and i forgot to write about it last week, but we'd had it all scheduled, i woke up at 5 in the morning on friday and was ready, and they text and said that she didn't have her temple recommend... awkward... but i got everything ready, ride, stayed the night with a set of sisters. and i prayed that i would feel better in the morning so i would feel well enough to go in the morning and not be miserable. and it was ok! Wed morning i woke up at 4:30 and Sister McConkie from Rose Park came and picked me up, went and picked up C* and the sisters, and then headed to the Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms! it was amazing to be there- we are so blessed in this mission to be able to do that, because baptism really is the first step, and we always shepherd them towards the temple. she had such a good time too :)

Got back, and we made cinnamon rolls for ALL 18 of our Ward Mission Leaders, to build love and trust. they were delicious... but apparantely everyone in Utah calls them Sweet Rolls- silly gooses :P we also got an oil change and tires rotated that day, had a lesson with the S*'s, and did a member visit- and their son served in Sister Hamblin's hometown thats SUPER tiny- but most everyone seems to know where it is- she calls it the biggest small town- everyone knows someone from Snowflake (which is like an hour from where she lives)

Wed night, it begun. i was up most of the night coughing, and in the morning i had a fever, aches, chills, couldn't swallow/breathe, had a super bad cough, and i was just miserable. didn't get better for any of the day really, and i still had to go to District Meeting, go to a lesson, man. it was not fun. i called the mission nurse later that night cause i felt like crud, and she said it was probably the flu (even though i didn't feel nauseous or anything). so the next day... we had exchanges. i still had the major bad congestion, but it was bearable. went to the store and got some Robitussen DM (never taking that again, it was DISGUSTING!) and i spent the day with sister warren, who goes home in two weeks. She's from Hawai'i (and all over). We did a member visit in the morning, ate lunch with a Ward Mission Leader in the NSL stake (went well!) and then we FINALLY were able to do service!! people here never let sisters serve, which is super annoying. since they just moved in, there was a lot of deep cleaning to do so we helped shop-vac and clean. i love wearing pday clothes- but skirts have definitely grown on me too :) we had a lesson with R*, and she said she was good to come to M* and R* baptism, so i'd be able to go! member visit, cancellations, normal day- but super busy! Austin also had his interview and passed with flying colors! he's one of the cutest 9 year-olds ever! :P

Saturday i was feeling not so hot again- we had a baptism to get ready, records online to update, and i tried to hours to find a split for sister hamblin and a ride for me and Rylee to the baptism. And i got it all set! but literally an hour before, Rylee cancelled, so i wasn't able to go, which was bummer- but Austin's baptism went really well! no hiccups, which was a really nice change! but as soon as the baptism was over- i felt like crud again and thought we were going to pass out (sister hamblin's tummy wasn't feeling well either). we we went home and rested a bit, ate dinner, tried to contact people, and had a power hour with some sisters that night. we got home, planned, and crashed. 

Sunday, woke up, feeling at least up to going the normal things. had a meeting with the stake presidency of the Orchard Stake, austins confirmation (yay!), went home and wrote our talks for the next ward (we'd had no time in the previous week, obviously...), spoke, went to more church, rested, met with a bishop, coordination, dinner, planned (because i was sick on planning day), and slept! sunday in a nutshell...

So, my talk. the subject was "Finding Peace Through the Storms of Life Through the Temple". it ended up being really good too! i love random/specific subjects like that :) i told a really cool analogy about the Breakwater that's out in the ocean by our house. its like the Savior and the Atonement. He already took and felt the brunt of everything, and he protects us from taking the full force of the consequences of our choices just like the breakwater protects the island from the raging waves and storms. we can find more of that peace and safety as we attend the temple and invite him into our life. i love the savior and the blessings that come from the temple- thats one of the biggest things i've learned from president and sister hansen, the importance of the temple. 

this week is going to be better, i'm on the mend and there are good things to come :) 
love you, and have a great week! :)
go out and be the the answer to someones prayers! :)


p.s. i hit 15 months this last week! O.o really depressing...
email selfies! :P haha

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