March 22, 2015

No Coincidences With God :)

(Letter dated March March 9, 2012)

This has been a crazy week, but really good too. Ups, downs, miracles, and HILARIOUS stuff. Lets start from the top :) 

Pday was relaxing and crazy at the same time- we made it an us day :) Emailed, then went shopping for a few things, went to the Fizz (which is like a soda place, they do fun flavors and stuff), we got haircuts, ate taco bell, all in all the pday part. Then, it hit. And when i say IT, i mean the freak beginning of March snow storm. We literally got like 6 inches and we had to miss one of our appointments because we couldn't get up the hill. Welcome to North Salt Lake. Literally everything went wrong that night and poor Sister Hamblin was getting SUPER frustrated and upset, but all in all- it was actually pretty fun :) 

We had a really good lesson with Rozanne and Delroy (the africans) this week. We went and they had some leftover Gizzard from the night before, so guess who dared their companion to eat some? ME :) haha and i got it on video, i'll definitely put it on Facebook when i get home :) haha her reaction is hilarious and it almost made her throw up. And then Delroy's dad, Facil, danced white moves for us (he used to be the #1 MJ look alike, so his moves are pretty good :P haha) it was a blast. And we talked about the importance of the BofM and they committed to read it and pray about it as well. 

I forgot my planner, so it will be a shorter, ya. 

We also had MLC this week which President Spendlove presided and he and Sister Spendlove are really AWESOME. we're super excited to have them.

Oh, and you probably want transfer news :) SO. Sisters in the mission took a HUGE dive- we only have around 60 now, so STL's had to take a cut too. and with new Mission Pres and everything... i stayed an STL with Sister Hamblin. But, we now cover ALL the sisters in Farmington and half in Bountiful. So, i went from 3 to 4 to 5 to 7!! Its literally going to be crazy, but i DEFINITELY think it will help me not think about going home AT ALL. I'm not trunkey in the LEAST bit- but it does make me sad on occasion. 

So, also funny stuff! When i got to this area i talked to a sister who had just returned from the NJ mission spanish speaking and she just happened to know Sister Stone! Saturday we took another Siser who just came back out with us and she returned from the DC south mission- and she just HAPPENED to know Sister Quinton! Then, we spoke in the 11th ward and a sister came up and hugged us, just got back this week from the Alabama Birmingham mission and JUST HAPPENED to know Sister Crandall and Elder Jordan. You literally find MILLIONS of connections when you serve in UT, because everyone knows everyone :P hahaha

Also, after speaking in the 11th ward an older sister came up to us and confirmed that i was from Anacortes and asked if i knew someone. I said, yes, and turns out one of my friends from church and high school is living in the ward (and not going to church) so i get to go visit them and see what i can do to help :) THERE ARE LITERALLY NO COINCIDENCES IN THE GOSPEL. nope. 

Well, all in all its been a pretty simple week, but great things are coming and this transfer is definitely going to be interesting...



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