March 22, 2015

A Crazy Valentine's Week

(Letter from Feb 16, 2015)

SO, another great week here in NSL and Bountiful! :)
last pday was so boring, i dont even want to talk about it... but we're going to do a fun sisters pday today, so that should be super fun!! :) we also went shopping to look for skirts with no avail, but then had IHOP for lunch, so that was really good! :D
Tuesday we had a leadership meeting which was really good, i love being trained in those kind of settings. we talked about Elder Katcher's training again that he gave about a month ago, focusing on Diligence, Faith, and Obedience. We also got to go that evening to do family history with one of the recent converts, it was so cool- we were able to find him a connection and he was super excited and said, "when can we go again?" it was so exciting, the spirit was totally there- and his daughter is adorable too, her name is Gracie :) 
Wed we got to go on a short exchange because sister hamblin went to the temple with a recent convert. so i got to be with Sister Weber! so fun, and she only has 9 weeks left, so it was good to be able to spend time with her as well :)

we've been teaching Austin this week, he's getting baptized this week on sat, so he's doing well! he's done all of it on his own, and is such a cool kid! 

We've been trying REALLY hard this week to work with members, bishops, and Ward Mission Leaders more, because especially here, its one of the only ways to get missionary work done. not that its a bad thing, it just takes a LOT of coordination and orginization, which i don't have as much of... but things are going well- i just miss rose park a lot- but marta and raydeen should be getting baptized saturday too, and im excited to be able to go! :)

Friday we got to be on exchanges and i had lots of fun with Sister Mitchell, her companion is from Africa, and they're serving in Woods Cross. But we worked hard all day and played air hockey during lunch, contacted all day, walked around in the beautiful sunlight. 
SPEAKING of which, the weather here has been GORGEOUS! definitely skipped over the end of winter AND the beginning of spring... talk about beautiful! its been almost in the 70's, with light breezes :) #whereisthesnow!? :P

VALENTINES DAY WAS A BLAST, probably the best one ever! we didn't have a dinner, so we told all the sisters that if they didn't have a dinner we'd have them over- sister mitchell and nyundo joined us, we had red tablecloths, flowers, candlelight, and crepes! it was fantastic :P haha

and sunday we bore our testimonies in one ward and spoke in another- the first ward we went to (Austins ward) and Jerry's girlfriend was there (from Rose Park), and snapchatted jerry while i was bearing my testimony :P it was good to see her, #RPCONNECTIONS! 
I spoke on how Choices Effect our Lives, and its made me ponder how the small and big choices effect our lives, whether thats to study something in school or go on a mission, you never know what your choice will lead to, it can effect generations. 

love you and hope you have a great week, go out and be the answers to someone's prayers! ♥


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