April 12, 2015

Breaking News: Crazy Possessed Psycho Bee Attacks Sister Missionary??!!

Letter Dated 3/30/2015

yup. Ok, this was all in all a pretty good week- of course, has its usual up's and downs where we wanted to kill some people... but we saw TONS of miracles :) But of course, i'll start from the top:

So, it was our Investigator D*'s Birthday (the one from Zimbabwe) and so we decided to give him a dollar store birthday- we made a floppy hat covered in fake flowers, butterflies, and birds. it was awesome. and we got him reeses eggs and fake mustaches. it was a legit birthday :) 

We went on two exchanges this week, and one was great- we went out and contacted a BUNCH of referrals and worked hard and walked up Bountiful's hills all day long. it was awesome, and we saw the results! The other exchanges, we were either inside "updating" or on computers "updating" basically all day- and thats not how you find others and help them come unto Christ. Its definitely an important aspect, but you DONT need to spend that much time on it. ANYWAYS... 

Wednesday was our temple day- absolutely amazing!! Got up super early (5:30) and was all ready and set to go... and when we get there, i forgot my temple recommend. So we had to go back and go to a later session with the other district, but it was so peaceful and wonderful and i was so happy to be there. Seriously, AMAZING. Went to a fun Relief Society Party (Sister Bednar and Uchtdorf were there) and had yummy Cafe Rio food. Heads up: we have been severly overfed this week- we had chocolate cake TWICE that day. It was delicious... and at the same time i almost felt sick. 

Saw Jenni Davis this week too (so sweet!) on exchanges- thanks for the chocolate- you rock! :P hahaha she's absolutely hilarious. 

So we get out of District Meeting (one in Farmington) and our training was awesome but in general the missionaries weren't super respectful, which is annoying... but as we're walking out to the car, a crazy possessed psycho bee BEELINES (literally) across the parking lot towards the car and heads straight for Sister Hamblin. She screams and it comes at her like 3 times before finally stinging her right in the ear. The stinger was huge... i hope that Bee is DEAD. She was in so much pain and almost said some very choice words. It was throbbing all day and she  had a headache for at least 24 hours after that. 

Okaaayyy. Saturday was a LITERALLY crazy day. We spent comp study with some sisters who are having struggles in their areas trying to help them out. it was fun, we love them so much :) Then we did a bit up updating, had a working lunch with the Zone Leadership (found out about another baptism that just happened in my old area that was someone we'd tried to teach!) After that we had service that we went to do... and i've done some really gross things, but it was really bad cleaning. not gonna say more, except we were close to puking. After that we had power hour with the same sisters from earlier (Hay and Holbrook) and then went to Womens Conference together, because it was Sister Holbrook and my last one. Also took sister Brittney Brunner, who just got back from the Alabama Birmingham mission :) and Womens Conference was awesome! some of my favorite things were when they were talking about being defenders, or as we say here, "defendresses" :) and i love the quote "you cannot remember God and forget mother, and you cannot forget God and remember mother". Its SO TRUE! Another HUGE theme was fulfilling and keeping your baptismal covenants, which i loved. Go back and read Mosiah ch. 18, love it! Then we ate dinner at Village Inn, and died. we were exhausted.

Fast sunday. Literally a CRAZY AWESOME day except for one part. I shall expound. 
So, we're sitting in Gospel Doctrine Class and Sister Hamblin taps me. i look over and on her planner she's writing "Tad R. Callister is in here!" I look over and he's basically sitting right next to me and a row back. I was freaking out on the inside and he actually talked to us afterwards- it was awesome! We taught a YW class about the atonement

watch it, its awesome :) anyways, after that we had our first dinner of the night, which included some non member koreans and their adorable 3 month old baby. We were stuffed and the food was delicious. Then we drove to our next dinner, which was a heavy lasagna dinner with salad, bread, veggies, the usual. I was literally going to throw up, my stomach hurt so bad it hurt to stand, breath, anything. Right when we left dinner, we got a txt- a former investigator was ready to take the lessons and be baptized!! Sister Hamblin was FREAKING out, and i would've been more excited if i wasn't going to barf... so we went right over and set up an appt and shared a message. Then, our high-councilman in NSL txted us and said he invited his neighbors to take the lessons again and they agreed! Miracle after MIRACLE!! THEEEENNN... i get a txt from the AP's and Moroni Tovars (from Lakepoint!) is finally getting baptized Tuesday night, i have to figure out how to get there! Man, Heavenly Father is pouring out blessings, and we just kept saying "what is going on?" blessings for working hard in ALL aspects of missionary work and diligence, including leadership responsibilities. I love this gospel and can't wait for General Conference and Easter this week! ALSO: if you  haven't already, go to:
watch the video, share it with everyone, its amazing and the message is so simple, pure, and true! Have a great week, remember the real meaning of Easter and that the Savior really is here. 

Love YA! :) 


PICS: Exchanges, womens conference, temple day, little loafs of bread, so legit :)

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