February 26, 2014

An Email and Photos From a Wonderful Member!

"Dear families of Sister Johnson and Sis Latham - 
My name is Sis Jill Pearson and I was able to spend some time with your daughters today.  they are living here in our ward in Lake Point, which is a small rural community about 20 minutes west of Salt Lake.  We are in the Stansbury Park Stake.  (I love the missionaries and I love missionary moms.)
I had taken Sis Cross who was being transferred out of our area and your daughters were coming in.  I met Sis Johnson in the parking lot of a church building in Salt Lake where a large group of missionaries had  parked many mission cars and were unloading and loading as each one found out where they were being transferred to and making the switches necessary.  It was fun to watch - missionaries were helping other missionaries unload , carrying luggage and loading up things into another vehicle.  The assistants asked Sis Cross how she had gotten there because they didn't have a car for the new sisters to use and they will be sharing a car with another set of sisters in our stake.  So they needed a ride back out to their area after their training meeting.  I told them I could come back for them.
Sis Johnson wasn't sure where to put her belongings but since I was coming back for her and her new companion, we loaded up her stuff in my van.  In all the confusion, when she went back to the car she had come in, her one suitcase was missing and her box of food.  She found her bag quite quickly, but the box of food was still missing when I left - but they had hopes of finding it by the time everything was sorted out. 
I went back a few hours later and these two had just been introduced.  The new missionaries were asked to share why they were serving a mission.  Sis Latham was called up to the podium and she said  she had always admired the missionaries and always wanted to be one!  Then Pres Hansen got up and said Sis Latham your trainer will be Sis Johnson and you will be serving in Stansbury Park.
A short while later the meeting came to an end and everyone scattered to find their luggage and we loaded Sis Lathams luggage into my van and drove to their new area. Sis Johnson's box of food was never recovered. Their meetings had gone later, so by the time we got out here it was 4:50 pmand we got to their apartment which is in the basement of a members home - she's a single sister, Sis Cox.  We got their stuff in the apartment and Sis Johnson found the area book and instruction Sis Cross had left them and found they had a dinner appointment in 10 minutes and a couple appointments that evening - one with an investigator and then with a few ward mission leaders.  Sis Johnson instructed Sis Latham to get her scriptures and Preach my Gospel and they would be teaching The Restoration lesson this evening and Sis Latham would be able to invite the individual to baptism!  Then we were out the door and I took them to their dinner appointment at a members home.  Then another member sister would drive them around from 6 until 9 and take them home.  In our stake we typically provide dinner and rides for the missionaries every night.  
While driving them to their dinner appointment I had them write down a list of groceries and I went and did some shopping for them - so they will have food to last them for breakfasts and lunches until their next pday! (Monday)  
Around 9:00 pm I got a phone call from the sister that was driving them around - she laughed and said, "This is Jan, I'm with the sisters and they aren't sure where they live, can you give me directions or an address!"  Oh I felt so bad, they were in such a hurry that we plum forgot to make sure they knew that - but all was well and they are safe and sound in a very nice, warm, clean, beautiful apartment!  They did just send me a text asking if I can take them to the store tomorrow and get some bedding for Sis Latham - which we will do tomorrow afternoon - but they were set up for tonight and going to bed to get some much needed rest.
We are excited to have them serving in our area.  It's a great place to be - many sweet members that will love them and make sure they are taken care of.
If you have any questions - email me anytime!!!  I have attached a few pics I took today - because as the mother of a missionary - there was nothing I loved more than getting more pics of my missionaries from people where they were serving.
love, Sis Jill Pearson"
(From what I can gather, Hannah's new companion/trainee is from the UK. We are excited to hear from her on Monday and lean more about her newest adventure!)
"The pic is of your daughter and her trainer - giving one last long hug and advice.  I was watching them for quite awhile.... it was a tough moment." 
"But then I took the one of her walking confidently back over to where we were unloading and loading my van." 
"Right after they first met" 
"unloading baggage at their new home away from home"
"In their new apartment"

Thank you Jill! What a gift your email and photos have been!

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