February 18, 2014

I Love Being a Missionary!

So of course, as usual, this is been a fun week! 

Monday I got a package from mom with lots of fun things, and Ella even sent me a rainbow loom bracelet and two Tangled squinkies! :P We got to play ultimate and volleyball for a zone activity which was a blast too! every pday is so crazy and packed, we NEVER have time to finish everything, and Sister Taylor wasn't feeling good either. WE ended up having another NML with S* that night and we're going to get her involved in family history, which will rock!!! 

Tuesday... everyone was sick again! yay! Sister Taylor and Weber (and sort of me a little...) were sick with another terrible cold! So we were in for a lot of the day but since I was feeling the best I went on splits with a laurel to make it to a few lessons (one with the S* who are returning members and then to a correlation). 
That night was also E*'s birthday! E* is the less active woman living with recent convert S* and her family. we got her a scented candle and Spiderman stickers and she loved them! :) She just lit up and we always love seeing her. it will be sad to leave this area if that does happen at transfers, but I trust the Lord to put me wherever and with whoever He sees fit.

This week we also saw T*, who is still struggling with health and emotional problems after her weight loss surgery and family drama :( but we got her to get a blessing from the Zone Leaders and it helped her a ton and she was at church on Sunday for the first time after her surgery!! it was great to see her out of her house and on her feet :)
we had a temple square lesson planned for Saturday with R* and her family but it fell through so hopefully this sat it will work out.

Sister K* moved to Bountiful but we got to finally see her this week! she is doing really well and finishing up the divorce, which is really good for her. But alas, we have to transition her to Elders Kirby and Price who are over that area but I feel peace and know she's going to be OK. :)

T* is doing awesome too! We were reading in the Book of Mormon and he read something about the 12 Tribes of Israel and asked and then Patriarchal blessings got brought up and he hasn't gotten one yet, so the bishop is going to talk to him about him getting his! :D it makes us so happy seeing the progress he has made, even since I’ve been here.

Sat we were on exchanges with Sister Pratt, who serves in North Salt Lake... yeah, the one with all the apostles who live there and go to church there... haha they've met lots of them but here in UT, it’s really not even that big of a deal. We were busy all day and it was awesome because I learned a lot from her and she really helped our companionship grow closer. And when she was here, we finally contacted a person who we hadn't caught at home yet and added her as an investigator! it was a rocking day because we haven't added one in a few weeks! :)

Sunday was busy as usual with three sacrament meetings and driving back and forth to Bountiful for STL stuff and a lesson and member lessons and no breathing! :D haha jk, but it’s always SUPER busy GO GO GO. 

Monday! We were on exchanges again but with Sister Togagae (don't try to say it haha) from Samoa. She is serving in Sister Webber’s old area, two minutes away :) we also finally contacted someone whose door we'd probably knocked on 20+ times and had a NML with S* and a lesson with the R*! 

Pday was today because we went to the Salt Lake City temple, which is the best! We feel so pumped and ready for a new week and ready to take on a challenge! :) love you and see you next week! Haha also, Sister Pratt loves scrapbooking stamping etc. and knows Lisa Johnson... of course, who doesn't!? She loved all the cards mom sent because I always have them out so I can look at their beautifulness :)

spam musubi's for Sis weber when she was sick :)

we got heart attacked (You can see why mom isn't allowed to send treats)

Sisters in their District 

Breathtaking view

Looks beautiful today at the Salt Lake Temple!

District Leader and his companion

Such Beautiful Sister Missionaries!

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  1. Sure do LOVE getting these weekly updates! So proud of Sister Johnson and all those that serve with her!