February 24, 2014

Final Week in Centerville

I didn't know for sure this would be my last week in Centerville, but this morning I found out that I'm going to be Whitewash Training in Stansbury (in the Tooele Zone). (Whitewash is referring to the fact that two missionaries are leaving two new are coming in.) Yup, I'm getting transferred. And I’m going to be training in an area I don't know with only one or two other people in the zone that I know, but hey! At least one of them is Elder Bickley! :P haha I don't sound nearly as stressed out in this letter as I am in real life. (She is a bit stressed, I could tell by another personal email she sent me. I told her she was going to do great!)

But I’ll tell you about some of the miracles that have happened this last week.

First, earlier in the week we got a phone call from the mission prep teachers asking us if we could teach the first lesson to an investigator they just found. We said yes and will be teaching her tonight!

Tue as well as going to the temple we saw the S*, Wed we were on exchanges AGAIN with Sister Burns. T* has been doing a bit better but she is still struggling with her health. But we helped her clean wed which she really appreciated. We also had to finally say goodbye to Sis.  K this week which was sad, but she's got some really good Elders in her area now and has lots of support from her ward. And we still have the rings. Sis. K gave Sister Weber the matching silver one and we gave Sis. K a CTR ring, she loved it! :)

So here is the big MIRACLE for the week. Friday we had a really great lesson with T* and the spirit was there super strong. We told him to set the Temple as his long term goal, and he agreed! Then we were supposed to have a lesson with a Possible Investigator but he wasn't home, of course. They kind of never are... but Sister Weber had a spiritual prompting that we couldn't leave the complex yet, so we ended up saying a prayer which led to knocking on a random door...because the spirit said to, of course :) All we know is that we planted a seed. Then, we felt like we needed to see someone else so we prayed and went over to R*'s house, the 9 year old we teach who wants to get baptized but her parents won't let her yet. But we went over there and cemented our Temple Square lesson for sat night, shared a message, and her mom sat in on the lesson! AND they committed to family prayer! :D it was awesome. 

OK. So then all of Saturday we could feel the adversary working on us because we'd had had such a good day and for part of it we thought the Temple Square lesson wasn't going to go through. We called and called to give them the address and they didn't pick up. We drove over and they weren't home. We prayed and decided to leave a note on their door telling them the address and letting them know we'd meet them down there. On our way down, they called and an hour later we were talking about Eternal Families and feeling the spirit (At temple Square). At the end of the night, we were able to add both her parents as investigators! A family will now be taught and how great would that be if they were eventually sealed together in the Temple! It’s great! 

Then there was a bunch of church yesterday, Sister Taylor had a meeting in Salt Lake so we hung out with a family in Sister Webers old area, Jenni Davis  :) sorry for the short letter, gotta go pack and I’ll tell you next week about all my new adventures!!! :) LOVE

With Sis. Pratt and Webber (From Sis. Pratt's blog)

At Temple Square

Pretty sure that this is overlooking Centerville.

Beautiful Sunset

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  1. Isn't the Spirit great? Sister Johnson, you are amazing! Keep up the good work! :- )