February 4, 2014

An Awkward Week... :P

my new favorite quote from one of our zone leaders: "what's life without awkward moments?!" and its so true.

Our week was somewhat full of them, but by now, I should be used to it. Sometimes we get called Elders...thats awkward. Or when almost all of your appointments cancel on you and you have time to fill. I guess the good part of that is that this week is super full! :)
Last Monday was pretty chill. we went to station park in farmington to get a few things and I got a new cardigan! :D YAY! whats life without more clothes! 

Sunday I had started to feel really sick and monday was like that too... so tuesday, I couldn't function and I had to stay in all day. WHICH REALLY STUNK :( it was good we were in a threesome because sister taylor and weber could go out and do some missionary work while I stayed home with Grandma, but I missed seeing all of the people I love and I couldn't taste anything! ug, it was frustrating. At least I got a little extra sleep and a slurpee though! :P That same night... EXCHANGES! its extra fun when you're sick, but the next morning at least I could function.

Sister Poutu came to our area with sister taylor and me (i was going to go to Bountiful...but I was sick.) We actually ended up going over to bountiful for a few hours though for a Leadership Training for sister taylor, but then we were productive in Centerville! we saw some people that we had been missing and had dinner with one of the ward mission leaders. We stopped by C* and A*'s house, the ones who have to get married. We haven't been in a lesson with them for awhile, but we set up a lesson for the 9th. Exchanges are actually pretty fun most of the time :) 

Thursday we had another DLT but in Cannon (a SLC neighborhood). Sister K* called us and told us that she is in the process of moving but we still don't know if its in or out of the stake boundries :( boo. but we'll probably still be working with her even if she's not in our stake. We found out that one of our investigators moved out of the house he was living in. He was living with his ex wife to help take care of their kids, including the two 9 year old twin boys who are recent converts...but he's gone. BOO! 

Friday we had our awesome district meeting and then weekly planning... then a super crazy night! one of the WML's (ward mission leaders) decided instead of setting an appt for 6pm and 7pm like he is supposed to, to set up three appts in that time and we had other appts we already had to get to and he didn't have sisters to go with us for splits! O.o eeek! but we got it kinda figured out... then realized that there were two of us and we were going to T*’s home, who is a single male. That means you need three females... AWESOME! we found someone though, a sister who is temporarily home from her mission in Argentina for health reasons... she rocks! Her name is Hermana Twitchell. T* is making a lot of progress. Lately he's just been coming to sacrament meeting but we commited him to coming to sunday school on sunday...and he did! it made us so happy! :) 

Saturday... we were on exchanges again! haha sister weber and I got to spend the day with sister juarez from California. She is sweet and only a convert of a year and a half, but has such a strong testimony, its fantastic! we saw lots of people and met with R*, our nine year old investigator. We taught her about testimonies and set up a time to go with her and her parents to Temple Square, which we are really excited about! we also had an awesome dinner that night with a partly less active family, the P* who are really awesome. The food was delicious and when one of the sisters asked the mom where she was from, one of the three year old boys said, "i'm from costco! and DI!" haha it was so adorable! we also visited our new convert S*... its really funny because they are HUGE, and I mean HUGE broncos fans... we will be seeing them later this week... :) haha it should be an interesting situation :P hehehe.

Sunday we were super busy going to lots of church! and fasting of course... I was hungry all day. One of the reasons we fasted was for A* dad to let her get baptized because he still doesn't think she's old enough to choose for herself. But that night we had dinner with a nice family, the Allens. If you look at the author of the text for hymn 143, it will say Penelope Moody Allen. yup, thats who we ate with! it was pretty cool, super sweet lady... they were missionaries in seattle a few years ago too! :) Then I got to spend some time playing piano while sister taylor was doing STL stuffs, which was so nice and relaxing :) Its been a great week, even with all of its awkward moments and awkward people we met... but the church is true and I love it with all my heart! :) Keep the Faith! ♥

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