February 10, 2014

When it Rains, it Pours ! :)

I have had a pretty awesome week! It started off with a fantastically fun snowball fight! In our cars we have basically big brother in a box, the Tiwi systems which track our speed and such. the zone had to meet at our stake center for them to be recalibrated, but the Elder who was in charge of doing it was late... and it had just snowed... so of course I had to throw a snowball at Sister Weber :) and then the Sisters were throwing them while the Elders were hiding in their cars... and then everyone joined it! It was great! :D haha It went on for almost an hour while we waited for Elder Tucker and it was just a blast!

But one of the best parts of this week was... the rain! I didn't realize how much I actually love the rain, but it was a tender mercy not only because I love the feeling and it reminded me of home, but because it washed away the inversion and we can actually see the mountains for now! :) It’s beautiful and it just keeps coming! It’s been in the 40's the last few days and it’s just felt SOOO GOOD! 

Another fun thing I got to do this week was go on exchanges in Cannon, a ghetto neighborhood in SLC, and one of the awesome parts... we were on bikes! And it was raining! :D it was completely different from our area because we actually could talk to people who were non-members on the streets! But I am still sore from riding a bike because it’s been so stinking long! :P haha just to show you how ghetto it is, here is a fun fact! Their Stake Center parking lot has the highest crime rate in UT! haha yup! It was awesome!!! 

On pday we got to play Frisbee with a few of the elders and Sisters and went over and saw M* again (the one who said "your mom’s Lisa Johnson?!" :P) she is awesome and will hopefully get rebaptized soon, she is planning on it! :) We also met with the S* family this week and got them to church finally! It was awesome to see them there because they both really need to and know they need to. We're getting close to finishing the G* New Member Lessons, they are just the cutest. They are really smart boys too.

Wed Sister Weber wasn't feeling good and Sister Taylor had a leadership meeting so we hung out at home for most of the day. 

Thursday was a day full of NML's though! We had lessons with S*, M* (who was baptized before I got here), and S*! we had another one planned but the cancelled last minute. We also picked up Grandma some flowers because she turned 89 on Friday! it was the cutest! her family threw her a surprise party and she had two cakes- one with 44 candles and the other with 45 :P she is the sweetest lady ever, seriously :) 

Friday we had our district mtg and Sister Taylor had to go to cannon for theirs as well, so Sister Weber and I did most of the weekly planning by ourselves, which went well! :) and then we had a lesson with T* and we talked a little bit about Patriarchal blessings, so he might be getting his soon! (and he was at Sunday school as well as sac meeting this week again! :D) 

Sat was the exchanges in cannon and we also had a lesson with R* that night. something that makes me sad is that we may have to drop her soon because she's not keeping her commitments. She hasn't been reading the BoM, so our last resort is taking her and her parents to Temple Square this Sat. and hopefully they will finally let her get baptized!!

We also are now working with another Ex member, her name is M* and she rocks! :) she totally knows it’s true, she's just had a tough life. 

Sunday we got a call from Sister Holbrook and Juarez in Bountiful and they needed someone for exchanges, basically a fill in for Sister Juarez because she was sick, so I got to go! :D it was fun and the cool part? we were in the same building that President Eyring's ward is we almost went to his ward... and he's there every week! that would have been nuts! but his house is just across the street and what’s cool is that it’s nothing special or fancy, just cute! :) oh, and of course we drove by the Bountiful temple and got a picture with the Tardis that hangs around there! :D it was AWESOME! y'all are just jealous...seriously. We were supposed to have our lesson with C* and A* and G* (the one that is supposed to get  married) yesterday, but C* had a fever, so we had to cancel. But we still ended up having a lesson with A* which was mostly talking about how she is doing, which isn't great. We ended up going over there and both of them got blessings and the spirit was awesome! Brother Lindquist (the awesome friendshipper, actually their whole family...) gave him the blessing and commanded his body to be healed! it was intense and incredible! :D

So that was my week. mostly ups, a few downs. I still am a little sick but getting much better. 
Keep the faith and love you all lots! the church is true! :D ♥

The Bountiful Temple

Hannah... Traveling in the Tardis. I told her to come home and visit. Nope... not gonna happen.

Our Lovely Missionary!

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