January 27, 2014

My Week in Short :)

Monday was pretty normal, didn't do too much besides emailing and walmart. But Sister Taylor really likes Arbys Sauce... a lot. So I bought her a bottle of her own because I love her so much :P hehe.

 We also visited with the Less Active family, the R*. The dad, was a convert about 3 years ago. He became too reliant on his missionaries so when they weren't over EVERY day, he completely lost his testimony. So we are working on getting him spiritually self reliant. He and his wife Maria have three little girls and she is pregnant with her fourth.
I also took my drivers test so I can get my privileges which is good because we went on exchanges again this week. Sister Taylor is now STL over the Bountiful and Cannon zones, which means she covers the sisters in the Tongan program...super cool! :D so Wednesday we went on exchanges with them. Sister Taylor was in Cannon for the day and we had Sister Kapeli, who is from Tonga. Buuuut... that also meant I had to drive and act like I knew the area! I guess I know more than I thought I did, but it was still super stressful. I realized I hate driving in cities.

We also added a new investigator this week! Her name is A* P*, who is 13,  and she wants to be baptized, but her dad thinks she doesn't know enough... and she totally does! Her dad and his girlfriend are both less active and they just need to figure out that its her choice and she wants to do it! We've been doing a lot of splits, which gives me lots of opportunities to lead in lessons... although sister taylor is pretty good at making me do that already... :P and sister weber is coming along really well, we're all learning a lot from each other.

We saw sister k* as well this week, she is having a hard time because she loves her ward but is going to have to move and can't find a place in the ward boundaries. Hopefully she is at least still in our stake. I would be so sad if we couldn't teach her anymore! :( We are also still teaching S* the New member lessons and S*. We had our district meeting on friday and did planning and met with T*. a little about T*, he was inactive for over 40 years and his wife died earlier this year, which opened him up to the gospel again. he is reading the Book of Mormon and learning so much! it truly has the power to convert through the spirit :) 

Saturday we had lunch again with President Hollingshead and his wife, Sally, gave us the ingredients and recipe for Chiliritos because I asked for the recipe... she is so sweet! :D

Sunday we went to the missionary prep class that they hold in the seminary building at 7:30 am, which was cool! more sisters for splits! :P for most of this week Sisters Taylor and Weber have been sick, so I finally sorta made them get blessings, which is good, because they are both really stubborn :) so we asked the District Leader and his comp, Elder Anderson started sister taylors and right off the bat, he said, "Heavenly Father has been waiting to give you this blessing". Needless to say, I had my I TOLD YOU SO MOMENT and just laughed. But now im sick. I have a terrible cold and can't breathe out my nose... SO FUN! :D not. But I am happy with the work I am doing and can't wait to do more! :)


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