January 13, 2014

A Busy Week!!!

This week has been crazy busy, getting ready for transfers and doing exchanges. SUPER CRAZY!  But fun! :) 
Monday was so fun, we went to Boondocks for our Pday activity and did a BUNCH of laser tag and bowling and games. Then we had a lesson with a LA family, the T*, and they rock! D* is a recent convert and he wants to have more faith, its just something thats really hard for them...we're just trying to get them to the temple! :) 
Tuesday was Zone Conference, and it was awesome!  We had to leave at 7:40 and they said it would start at 8:30, but it actually didn't start till 9am. But thats all right :) Sister Taylor did a training on bearing pure testimony which rocked and president Hansen gave us new SOE's (standards of excellence), which are kind of like mission wide goals and he wants to be continually improving. He is seriously the BEST mission president ever :)
Wed I had my first exchange. It was in West Bountiful with Sister Toutai (her companion sister smith came to our area). It was really fun getting to know her. She was in the MTC with Sister Taylor and she is just really fun loving and easygoing...and a fantastic singer!  Seriously, her voice is gorgeous. Then... drumroll please... WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!  S* got baptized on wednesday night right after we finished exchanges. The spirit was there so strong and Sister Taylor and I bore our testimonies while she was changing and taught the restoration. Sister Blankenship was also there, the Sister that Sister Taylor  trained before me, which makes us sisters :) After the baptism, we ran home, packed, and went on ANOTHER exchange!
I went with Sister Bill and Poutu up in Bountiful and their companion (they were in a threesome) Sister Henriques went to our area. Sister Bill in from Montreal, Canada (french speaking), Sister Henriques is from Brazil, and Sister Poutu is from New Zealand! So I got to hang out with sister Poutu, which was fun...except she still has Laryngitis from when she was in the MTC! O.o boo. but we did some visits and made phone calls they needed to make. Then we had a dinner, visited more, and exchanged back! So that was thursday. I missed Sister Taylor a lot... 
Friday morning we were going to go to the Rec center to play basketball or something, and I convinced Sister Taylor to go, even though she's not a morning person. At all. But we got up and started getting ready... then realizing it was 5am. she had set the alarm too early. So we went back to bed till 6 (we were meeting at 6:07...yup, our ZL's are funny :P) and we walk outside to get into the car and BOOM. Someone had parked behind our car and we were so mad because we had gotten up so early for nothing!! UG! so we went back to bed for a little bit and then got ready. That morning sister taylor wasn't feeling so hot so I made her sleep and I did some other stuff, including a watercolor because I was really missing watercoloring! i'm kinda proud of it... :) That day we also visited sister K*, which is always nice and we helped T* finish up her house. She had made a lot of progress by herself during the week and we were so proud of her! we were basically just there to motivate her. We've been praying for her because she goes in for her weightloss surgery today but she's been to church two weeks in a row now! 
Saturday we helped a Nonmember lady pack/clean/who knows what to her house.  The rest of the day was lunch with president Hollingshead... and another exchange! with sister Hathaway and Alcantar (don't have pics) but they are really great sisters. Sister Alcantar has something wrong with her stomach and keeps having tests done and they still can't figure it out. 
Sunday was slower, except we had a 7am ward council and then S* confirmation at 2:50pm. I made waffles for breakfast too... :) IT WAS AWESOME!!! then we had more church and dinner, then sister taylor had an MLC, which is a leadership mtg before transfers at the mission office...so I did more personal study! :) I found out that one of the Elders in our district who is comp to the ZL's is going to Australia finally for his mission...he was waiting on his visa. Its a bummer, cause we were buddies! seriously...we make fun of each other a lot. Also, we are losing one of our ZL's, Elder Lawrence, which is bummer too! He's going to Layton. and... drumroll... we get another companion! we will now be in a trio with myself, Sister Taylor, and Sister Weber! This will be her third transfer and she is from Hawaii!
This morning we went to the rec center and played basketball kinda for a final activity and we just had a lot of fun! i'll miss all of the missionaries I have come to really respect (and for the sisters, totally love!) But this transfer is going to be amazing and i'm so excited! also thanks for the letters! i've gotten a few, this morning I got one from sister grimnes! Thanks, they help so much! :) LOTS OF LOVE, and keep the faith! :)

Having fun at Boondocks

At S*'s baptism!

Some very happy Sisters! 

Hannah's watercoloring

BBall in the morning

Darling... and fun to see a little where they live. 

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