January 20, 2014


This week was fun and exciting, because we got our new companion, Sister Weber! A little more about her, she recently turned 20 years old, from Maui, Hawaii and is just the BEST! :D our little trio is rocking Centerville! 
It was great to get a letter from Brother Bingham and the Websters this week, and of course mom sent another package :P haha i said no food or lotion, mom said, "popcorn and gum doesn't count as food...right?" silly goose :P
 Well, last week i mentioned S* baptism, so here is a little bit of her story! Stephanie is about 25, a single mom, and her son's name is M*. She lived in California and before moving here knew zilch about the church. She works at * and many of her coworkers are LDS. One day one of them invited her to church and she came! she enjoyed it and after a few weeks of going, asked how she could learn more! So the sisters started teaching her. She was on date for baptism in Dec, but had to be moved to Jan because she was visiting family in CA that weekend. So when she got back we were worried because she said she wanted to move her date. she wanted to be baptized when life was easy and she could be relaxed about it and not stressed. The member there, Sister Cosper (who rocks!) told her life was never going to be easy and if she made that step of faith, she would see the blessings that come from her faith. Then she was completely determined to be baptized on the 8th! :) she is so rocking awesome and we can't wait to start the New Member Lessons with her :)
Monday was a crazy day prepping for transfers and saying goodbye so elder perkins, who left for Australia. Some of the Zone met up and we ate Five Guys for lunch and then sister taylor and i spent the rest of the day cleaning for sister weber :) haha well, a lot of it was organizing and making room for a third person. 
Tue was my first transfer day! i've been out for almost 7 whole weeks now, but it seems like longer! we tried to walk around and do some contacting because it was a beautiful, bright sunny day, but no one was outside. but we did end up going on splits again and i got to see sister weber in action. She is a great missionary and is super excited because her last area was a little bit slow (she was in the Centerville Stake, right north of us, bordering us :P haha) but we actually have people we're teaching! :) This week, we also got to help with an activity days activity on missionary work, had a lesson with Sister K* (she is still fantastic!), T*, R*, S*, and another NML with S* (new member lesson). next week i'll expound more on who these people are, because i can't remember if I've mentioned them or not :) 
We also had stake conference and i got to speak for a few minutes at the Youth/Adult Session and got to talk a little bit about moms conversion story :) 
One really cool experience i had this week was last night at S*'s lesson. They have a less active woman named E* who lives with them, and she is a complete hoot. whenever we go over and she's not sick (she has a lot of health issues) we have so many laughs. But S*'s mom, C* said that we have really impacted E*. Apparantely many have tried to get her out to church or break her shell, but we have been the only ones able to do that so far. She even went out and bought a dress so she can go to church shen she gets better! I love the people here and the experiences i get to have. i see miracles every day and am so blessed to be able to go on a mission. 
Sorry for the short letter this week, but love is sent your way, and just to share a quick scripture, D&C 6:34 is an awesome one! :) 
love you! 

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