January 7, 2014

Another Week in the Life of a Centerville Missionary :)

This has been another great week! Monday we had a pretty chill P-Day, we got to go play Volleyball...which was interesting. If you didn't know this already, I am terrible at anything that has to do with sports. So whenever I had to serve or other people had to serve multiple times before it got over the net, I would call them Sister Johnson serves...they all got a hoot out of that :P anyways, so that was fun.
 Then all of our appointments cancelled on us so we tried to work out exchanges that we will be doing this week. Sister Taylor is a Sister Training Leader (STL), so we have to go on lots of exchanges, but with me training and the Christmas season we haven't gotten any in so far... so we will be doing three this week. SO FUN! :P except it will be a super crazy week.

On Tue. Sister Taylor had MLC, so I studied all morning, then we had another lesson with Sister K, a final meeting with S*, who is getting baptized this week, and since it was New Year’s Eve... we got to do a district activity and got to eat pizza and watch Ephraim’s Rescue and Monsters University (of course, I was rooting for Tangled, but alas...most hadn't seen Monsters U yet...) but it was a blast! :) Then Sister Taylor and I got home and read cheesy jokes mom sent me and drank martinellis! :) NO, we didn't stay up till 12 because we would've died from tiredness... but Sister Taylor let me curl her hair too! Now I just have to get her to wear a flower in her hair... :) haha you know me!
On Jan 1st, it was a new year! But really, it didn't feel like it. We spent much of the morning on paperwork and study and in the evening we had dinner with a newly activated family (and S*, who was baptized my first week out) and it was lots of fun!

We were going to go on exchanges and I was going to be up in North Salt Lake for a day, but they cancelled last minute. But hey, at least we got our room cleaned all spic and span! Thursday we returned some dishes to a lady who made us cake... and she talked for about an hour and a half. We probably said all of three sentences the WHOLE TIME. But she was super sweet :) then we tried to do some contacting, but no one was home, the middle of the day is a hard time to fill, especially when people cancel on you.
S* had her baptism interview and we got to watch her little son M* for a few minutes. He is a funny little kid, just coming up on his terrible two's. Then we had a New Member Lesson (NML) with t* &  b* who were baptized just before I came out. Their dad, P*, we added as a new investigator because he is a non-member and he has said he may want to be baptized, which would be super legit! We also made contact with a Non Member referral and set up an appointment to meet with her this week.

 ALSO... I yelled happy birthday at the sky for my mom because it was her birthday! :D Haha

Friday we had a district meeting and planning all day, and then met with a Less Active (LA) named S* and her daughter A*. The people here are just so stinkin awesome! 

Saturday was also lots of fun! We woke up at 5:30 because the ZL's invited the zone to the Bountiful Rec center for morning exercise, and I wanted to try it out. BUTTTT...Sister Taylor is SO not a morning person, and I think she wanted to kill me... it was really fun though! We got exercise in and then made hash browns for breakfast and ate fruit! We also got to help T* clean her house again, and a lot of it was going through her clothes and seeing what she could give to DI, which she did a good job doing. It was a bit harder for her because she is having weight loss surgery and some of it she was holding onto with hopes of fitting again someday, but with encouragement we helped her fill 3 and a half large trash bags with clothes she was getting rid of! Yay T*!
Later that evening we went to President Hintze's house and watched Hastening of the Work videos for him to put on a disc for us to show members (if you haven't watched them, do it!) Of course, Sister Hintze took a picture of us and sent it to our moms...it happens a lot down here :) 
Sunday was great. It was fast Sunday, so we were REALLY hungry all day of course, but it helps when you're at church from 9am till 4pm. we helped teach a combined YM/YW missionary class where the spirit was SUPER strong! And of course the Fast and Testimony meetings. Sometimes it’s hard because people don't always bear pure testimony (read the talk Bearing Pure Testimony!) and it’s more of a thankamony or life story, and although you can feel the spirit, it doesn't have the power of conversion behind it. But when we met with T* on Saturday she told us she read the scriptures we had left her that I had looked up about forgiveness and handing things over to the Lord. She said she followed the footnotes to one and found a scripture that rang completely true with her and brought her so much peace and comfort. It’s amazing to see the effects we can have on people’s lives and it just makes me so happy! :)
Haha on a funny note, a Less Active Sister we are working with I met on Sunday and we sat next to her in church. Turns out she is the Aunt of one my friends from High School... her name is J* S*. It was funny to make that connection. It really is a small small world! :) Love you all and enjoy the beginning of this New Year! :) 

 MOM: I’m doing great! :) I don't need much. ALSO! As a note for dad, there is an IN and OUT out here, and I ate there... and it was GOOD! :P haha but I am watching what I eat, more fruit and veggies, sometimes we get hookups at subway. LOVE YOU ALL! I pray for you all and love you! Sending hugs and love, and mom! I still have to send your bday present sorry. :) 

Celebrating New Year's Eve

Yummy Sparkling Apple Cider

Apparently this is fascinating. LOL!

Yummy cupcakes to celebrate the new year!

Poor Cupcake.

It had NO chance!

Being Silly

5:30am.... way too early!

Sis. Taylors famous parking
Sis. Johnson with Sis. Hintze and Sis. Taylor

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