March 3, 2014

CRAZY. thats all i can say

Monday was a really hard day. We had to say goodbye to a lot of the people we love and will miss a lot, and there were some people we didn't get to say goodbye to. Makes me sad, but I know Sister Weber, Hornburger, and the trainee will take good care of them all. Hopefully if the investigators we work set a baptismal date, I will be able to attend their baptism :) I would love to go to R’s, or go through the temple with T* or Tr* when they get to go. Then we taught a first lesson and then we went home and may or may not have been up till almost 2 in the morning packing.

Emotions continued through the next day, Sister Hollingshead (pres. Hollingshead’s wife) came by to say goodbye and I hate crying, but it just wouldn't stop! urg, I was getting mad, thinking, "when am I going to run out of tears!!??" :( I still have plenty. but we went to transfers and I kept crying of course. And then some elders started moving stuff out of our car and my whole food box just disappeared, which means some lucky missionary got peppermint marshmallows, hash browns,  :'( , and all the food I wanted to eat and get fat off of! They are still looking for it though.

Throughout the day we waited for our trainee's and were trained by the AP's, and when I got my trainee, I was super happy! Her name is Sister Latham, and she is from Norfolk, England. Her accent is adorable and we get along really well. She is a great missionary and is so happy to be here... by here, I mean in the mission and in America in general, she's been in the country for almost a week now! :)

Stansbury park is much different than Centerville. Its country. So actually, we cover two towns(ish): Stansbury park (part of it) and Lakepoint, which is so small it’s not on the map :) its cute. lots of spread out homes with fields (cows, horses, chickens, etc.). we share the stake here with Sisters Jamison and Pointivet. They are great missionaries, Sister Pointivet came out of the MTC with me.

When we first got to our area, we had about fifteen minutes to unpack the car, meet Sister cox (the member we live with), and then head over to dinner and our three lessons we were teaching that night. we had NO idea what we were doing. and the area book... not very much useful information. There are a lot of less active member they worked with but no records for teaching them, etc. It’s slightly frazzling. We've met with all the ward mission leaders and working on meeting with Bishops. Oh, and we share a car with the Sisters we share the Stake with. So we have it every other day (tues, thurs, and sat, we share on mon) but there was a request put in for us to get our own car. We have a lot of square mileage (I think from one end to the other its 6 miles?) but the ward members are super willing to help and we love them :) We added two new investigators this week, J* and O*. Oh! and the Leavitt’s relative (I think her name is Sister Schaeffer or something?) just came out into the field! She is so sweet and remembers me (we met in Anacortes)! also in this stake, there are some elders that have served in Anacortes! EX-Elder Durrant and his companion Elder Steadman! It’s weird to refer to them as Rhett and Blair though :P haha But Sister Steadman wants us to come over, apparently Elder Steadman ate over here a lot and loved our family... at least we left a good impression! :D Anyways, we have some exciting things going on this week and you'll hear more about it next week, something to look forward to! And our temple day is a week from Tuesday, so exciting!!! wish us luck and love yous! 

SISTER JOHNSON who has no idea what she is doing! :D

Lots of photos of Hannah with some of the many loved people from her Centerville Area.  Her poor little face is pink from tears. She truly loves those she serves! We all have prayed for these friends and pray that they continue to grow in the Gospel!

Her new area... Stansbury/Lakepoint. You can see The Great Salt Lake in the background.

Selfie with Sis. Latham

Hannah loves her sweet accent!

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