March 17, 2014

Week 3 in in Stansbury Park Stake

I love pdays because we get to breathe. Literally we are always in the Go-Go-GO! mode.
but we had the temple last week and only got a little lost on the way home... :) of course, you know how TERRIBLE I am with directions. But not AS bad as when we went down for Elder Ballard. 

Monday night we taught a FHE about the 10 Commandments to an active family, but it helps get integrated and get to know more members, which is always good! This week we were able to help C*make girl scout cookie poster boards for her daughters cookie stands. The B*’s are an Investigator family, they started investigating a year ago and are ready to get baptized, but her husband’s brother is coming over in July (from England) to baptize them. They rock! :)

J* is also progressing really well. On Tuesday we had a lesson with him about Joseph Smith and gave him the Restoration video to watch as homework and we had a kneeling prayer where he prayed to know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. It was awesome!  we went back on Thursday and he said he watched the four times... :) cause he loved it! He is super ready and I think this week we're going to be able to put him on date... with permission from Patrick of course (his half-brother/guardian) :) they are all awesome though. We met M* as well! he is 9 and is an investigator. His whole family is reactivated and is awesome. smart kid, just a little Ella :P

Wed we had the Restoration lesson with G*, which was incredible!  she is an awesome person and already believes in the bible, prayer, God, etc. basic Christian beliefs, now the book of Mormon will just add to her incredible faith!

We had lunch with Sister Chamberlain (ward mission leaders wife) and a less active girl, a return missionary, and prospective Sister missionary! it was awesome... and the food was great. REALLY GOOD Italian food :) everyone here is really good cooks, it’s always really hearty home cooked meals and not too many casseroles! we did have shepherd’s pie last night and jello a couple times, but it’s been good! :)

N* is another less active lady we are working with and go and read with her and Sister Pearson every week and are eating dinner with her on Wednesday which should be fun! :)

They are adding/changing a few things concerning how we are teaching. No more visual aid like restoration cups or plan of salvation kit... but they are really going to focus on the pamphlets and we'll do quicker lessons and be able to teach more people. It’s really inspired and I’m excited, even though I don't know exactly how it’s going to work yet.

We had an awesome district meeting on Friday about our personal conversions and how we need to constantly be growing our own testimonies and becoming reconverted... which is completely true, and this whole week it’s been something I have been pondering on as well as Sister Latham. She really is an incredible missionary and tries so hard to do her best and be awesome, and she is already amazing!  Plus, everyone loves her awesome accent and we play around with accents all the time. I do a pretty good Scottish one and she does a hilarious southern one :) I love being here in Lakepoint and Stansbury Park. It’s beautiful and the weather here has been in the high 50's and the sunshine is amazing! it’s like early summer... and besides random snow and hail and rain (which I love and miss) it’s all awesome!

 Love you all and keep on keepin on! Thank you for the prayers and the love sent my way, I feel it :) OH! And I think we're going to name our car Moroni...or Ammon...  cause they're all bosses! :P ♥

Sis. Johnson.... Feeding HIS sheep!

Sis. Latham

Sis. Johnson in their home.

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