August 7, 2014


i'm super excited/bummed/sad/MIXED EMOTIONS about transfers next week! i'm pretty sure i'm going to be kicked out of this area come next monday, but i trust the lord that he will place me where he needs me, whether its whitewashing, training, or put into an awesome area with an awesome companion! who knows, but i'm excited... small chance i could stay in Stansbury Park though... :D probably not...

Ok, so we have like NO time for email today so i'll go through it really quickly! 
MONDAY- regular stuff, we had thunderstorms and rain all day long! (and its raining today which is REALLY nice :P) we went on a members tramp, zipline, and indoor rockwall for a bit then went to DI and Walmart and Roxberry (healthy smoothies), did fun pday stuff, played handball and while we were in the room...power went out! and its super dark (in a basement) so we freaked out for a second... then were fine :P haha we had sister callahan with us all day too which was fun! dinner at the lamberts, they made us delicious Ravioli and we had pizelle's (Italian cookies) for dessert! we also had a lesson with the o*s... 4 missionaries teaching one family, haha definitely a new experience!! 
TUESDAY- we were able to go down to temple square with sister pearson and N*! and it was raining buckets!! :P haha so fun! we went to the south visitors center where it has the diagram of the temple and she knows that that is where she wants to be and she WILL get there! we also were able to have a lesson with D* and he wasn't smiling, so i said, "do you smile? do i need to tell a joke?!" :P haha it was funny... and i got him to smile and laugh. he's a really quiet kid but an awesome family! they've all been through a lot. we also walked a members dogs (Akitas- HUGE!!) and that was fun! the 17-year-old daughter came with us and we all talked and had a good time. 
WEDNESDAY- We went and washed dishes and cleaned for M*, who is finishing up chemo and will start up radiation soon. that was nice :) Then we saw the t*s, had a lesson with the m*s, made visits in the afternoon, we saw B* in the trailer park and S* (one of our potential investigators!) we saw L*, help them pack up their trailer (going camping) and stopped by to see P* as well- he was going to be baptized on this last saturday but his mom wasn't ok with it so it was put off for now :( boooooo! i was also called a dusty q-tip by m*... thats a new one!! :P hahahahaha
THURSDAY- We had lunch with sis chamberlin, lesson with S*- she is getting baptized this saturday!!! yayayayayayay!! our lesson with Ginger cancelled, but i think we are going to take a break for a few weeks and see how she is after that. we saw n* and she was just glowing still and happy, even though she IS still sad she has to move. we had dinner, scripture class, and met with the High Councillor over YSA to talk about YSA stuff, the fireside on sunday and possibly TMNT and some other stuff too... :) haha he wrote for a bunch of stuff and people, including Smallville, TMNT, Orson Scott Card, Ben 10, Adventure Time, and TONS more! he works for the missionary department and is over LEGIT!!
FRIDAY- usual planning, district meeting, etc. lesson with l*, packed and cleaned because... i went to tooele on exchanges with sister Toutai!! :D so fun!
SATURDAY- I got to be in Tooele all day! started off good, went to a baptism where i met the tongan actor wo is in "the RM" and "Forever Strong", which was cool! we got roxberry (SOOOOO GOOD!!) took a sick Elder Anderson gatorade and kitty cat stickers, visited a lady named J*- who just happens to know B*, same one from the trailer park! :P haha! we did service from about 3-5ish, then went to a polynesian BBQ and were sent home with BUNCHES of delicious chicken, visited more people, laughted a ton, and exchanged back. we have waaaay too much fun together :P haha Sister Toutai is super fun and bubbly and hilarious and loveable. 
SUNDAY- FAST. AND. TESTIMONY. MEETINGS. i was sosososoooooooo hungry all day i was dying, started to get a bit dizzy and nauseous but i told myself NO! i have to go on. slightly dramatic ;P hehe we didn't have as many at church this week as we wanted, but still a successful week! went to Bro Blacks fireside about and missionary work... USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO SHARE THE GOSPEL!! IT IS MANDATED FROM HEAVEN!! just sayin... :) hahaha
and guess what? aug 3rd marked by 8 months of being in the field... i can't believe its been that long! at least i'm not homesick or sick of missionary work or anything, cause i love it too much out here!

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