August 29, 2014


ok, so before anything! Guess what? i dyed my hair this week! :D my highlights were way grown out and we had a Zone Conference yesterday with Elder Chidester and Elder Arnold of the 70. elders were told to fix their hair so we figured we should too... so me and sis pilling got dark brown hair with red undertones! she dyed mine and i dyed hers! it was fun, and i think it looks pretty good! :D
so quick about this week! 

Also the sisters we live with (Pearson and Tranchina) had to get their car fixed in layton so we were driving ALL week the Mission van- 15 seater! it looked so ghetto haha but everybody loved it!! :P
mon was a fun pday, we did a fhe with a fun family and played foot vollyball with balloons on a trampoline! so fun!

We had a meeting on tue at the bountiful tabernacle (super close to centerville) and that took up a chunk of tue morning, contact referrals, were uber busy! :)

Wed we met with the DL's and talked in prep for district meeting, then we (after a lot of communication and worries from mom) opened my hump day package! i'll consider myself after this week to be 9 months just because I count from when i went into the field and mom counts from MTC day :P haha i loved it all, especially the dress and frog cup! :)

Its kinda funny because as a missionary you are ALWAYS busy (at least we are, esp cause we're STL's) but we never remember everything we were busy with! I do remember sis pilling wasn't feeling good so we stayed in for some of the day on wed.

Thur we took the sisters to an appt, and went on exchanges! i was with sis Stratton and we were on bike! we had some really great experiences with talking to everyone and with listening to the spirit and praying. 
Fri we had district meeting and a bunch of meetings with people! we also got to go to the joseph smith movie with an investigator family we're teaching. it was awesome...and POURING RAIN!! :D
Saturday we did the hair dying thing, which was good :P planning, ward activities which were legit, did our progress record, and crashed.

Let me tell you: i have NEVER been more exhausted than i have been in Rose Park as an STL. SO EXHAUSTED!! 

SUNDAY WAS CRAZY BUSY!!! we both spoke in one of the wards on obedience to Gods Commandments: basically, DO IT :P haha i love the chapter in Gospel principles book on it :)

Yesterday we had the Zone Conference/Mission tour where we had a spiritual feast! i learned a lot about how to be a better missionary, find more people, help them keep commitments, etc. we also picked up the sisters car in layton and ate at a cute diner called Sills with delicious Scones that were as big as my face!! :P 

love you and hope everyone has a great week! keep loving God and always remember: he loves you too!
Question of the week: when was the first time you remember feeling the spirit?
Her "new" hair.. looks more like her old hair! 

Dr. Froggy helps

Some of the Hump Day package that the family sent. Silly girl... not counting her MTC time! LOL!

Sis. Pilling and the many treats of the week! 

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