August 27, 2014

WELCOME TO ROSE PARK!! ;P (Letter from Aug. 18, 2014)

Before i begin, just a few notes: 
Don't google Rose Park unless you want to see REAL sketchy stuff...
Send packages and mail to the mission office...
Don't worry about me cause its legit here, as sketchy as it is! :D
I do have to admit, Rose Park is PRETTY sketchy. Like, we saw 12 cop cars on the corner one night... but its amazing here! So many people are SO ready to hear the gospel and SO willing to listen and accept it! Its definitely ghetto, but definitely SHWEET!! My Week:

MONDAY- obviously found out that i was going to be transferred, so spent much of the day doing fun stuff, hanging out with other missionaries, making visits to all of the amazing people i knew i'd miss, and PACKING. So much PACKING O.o
I guess when you stay in an area for 6 months, it builds up... :) good thing i still have 9 1/2 months till i have to worry about packing up to go home!!

TUESDAY- We went to the Transfer Building (which actually happens to be the Rose Park Stake Center- one of our buildings!! :P) and met up with our new companions. It was sad to leave Sis Smith and Mason, but i know they will both do GREAT things in their areas with their new companions (if i didn't get to mention, sis smith stayed in the area and sis mason went up to kaysville). Sis Pilling is an AMAZING missionary and we have SO MUCH FUN together!! :D her companion, sis Bischoff was actually finishing her mission and going home, so she ended up spending the rest of the day with us, which was fun! we met with a few members because we are trying to work more with members and leadership in this area because both are great! we went to a Relief Society activity, some visits and phonecalls, checked on our wonderful sisters we are STL's over, and crashed for bed. 

WEDNESDAY- Here in Rose Park we cover 4 wards: 9th, 10th, Starcrest, and Center. Its awesome because we get to really focus on the members AND people we're working with! we also have three sets of missionaries in the stake: Us, the Zone Leaders, and one of the District Leaders and his Greenie (spanish elders). Wed we met with the Zl's and DL's to talk about the zone goals and such and prep for District Meeting. we met with a lot of people, made visits, got referrals, and street contacted. We had dinner with one of Bishops, B. Eubanks and had a correlation with the Andersons (one of the WML's.) All in all a packed day that was SUPER busy! :) One of our awesome experiences: We got LA referrals from one of the sisters and we were contacting them and stumbled across H*, a lady who is definitely going through a lot, but is ready for the gospel back in her life. It was amazing to be able to talk to her and also bear testimony of the saviors love for her and that there is always repentance. Hallelujah for the ATONEMENT!  
THURSDAY- we took the sisters to an appointment in the downtown salt lake (we technically live like 17 blocks from the temple, which is legit!), we live ALSO with two other STL's in an apartment (On the Green Appartments). Sister Taylor used to live in the same appartment but was transferred OUT the same time I was transferred IN!! man, we were SOOO bummed! but we'll see each other at lots of the meetings :P haha we had lunch with a few members, we did our weekly planning, had dinner with a LA named K* (super cool dude!), and had a super full night of appointments- one at every half-hour from 6-8:30! sooo crazy!! we had an awesome lesson with a few new investigators, C* and T*. C* lived in Provo and had almost gotten baptized but he moved to Cali. T* was raised Jewish but never went to church or was really religious, so is neutral about Jesus Christ- which means we get to help her gain an incredible testimony about her savior! it was cool because when we taught she could definitely feel the spirit and her eyes just lit up :) you can physically FEEL the love that Heavenly Father has for them both! 

FRIDAY- we had our district meeting and we both split and went to different ones in the zone so we could both give trainings. I definitely was nervous about my first official STL training. i'd given trainings before, but i feel like more is expected now. The spirit took over though and helped get the point across, whatever heavenly father needed them to hear :) its great! we went to the Spanish Sisters planning session and were able to help them out too, which was awesome! we had dinner, met with a new LA we are working with (Misty), and met with a member family. We offer any help to any and all who need it, especially members because they do so much for us... and this will be brought up in just a sec... :)

SATURDAY- another crazy busy day! we did some service for a member, helped her pack up her house because she is renovating. then we made brownies to give to two members who help us lots because they both had seemed like they weren't having a great day on thursday. we visited referrals and had dinner with the Clausens (10th ward mission leader) and went to a party, saw a LA family who are so sweet (we are trying to work with them), and met with M* again, with Bishop Eubanks :)

SUNDAY- SUPER BUSY CRAZY DAY!! we had our first meeting at 8am and had to do our progress record at 7, so we had to wake up extra O.o then we were asked to substitute in Singing time because the chorister's husband was in the hospital... and that was SOOO fun! :) then we also had a stake coordination and dinner with Melanie Romero, a returned member (she is super fun and legit!!), we went and also planned a FHE that we are doing tonight. 

I can honestly say i have NEVER been so exhausted in my life as i have been this last week, between STL stuff, hard work, spiritually draining stuff, and just EVERYTHING! This area is great! there is so much potential and so much we can do still, but we can already see miracles and can already see it growing. The faith of the members is growing and the trust they have for us as the lords representatives. I love Rose Park, as ghetto and crazy as it is. We DEFINITELY meet quite a few interesting people as we street contact and there are TONS of Hispanics… i just love it here and love the work! have a great week and talk to you soon! :)

Hannah's new companion

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