August 27, 2014

WHAT LEGIT EXCITING NEWS!!! (Letter from Aug 11, 2014)

sorry in advance for the short letter, 
:) SO NEWS!!! i am an STL. IN ROSE PARK!! im so excited, i get to be with an awesome companion down in da hood!! im super excited to be an STL too, nervous, feel inadequate, etc. but im happy. i feel like things are going to go super well, so SUPER EXCITING!!

MONDAY- did normal stuff, pday activity, tried to catch frogs at the lake (not so successful... but fun!), ate at lamberts, had a lesson with g*and m*, had a lesson with the O*, altogether a great day!

TUESDAY- we were able to have more rain! i love rain and we have had lots of it late, which is nice cause it keeps things REALLY cool! :P haha we made lots of visits, had a lesson with S*, dinner with the pearsons. I gave Jill a watercolor i made for her and she liked it, so i guess it didn't suck that bad!! then we walked dogs... in the pouring rain... and saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! it was sooo amazing! loved it. 

WEDNESDAY- We got to have a lesson with M*in the morning and then we went to Temple Square again with the M*! it was great and they are going to talk to the bishop so that they can go and get sealed in the temple soon! i was a great experience, the spirit was definitely there. weird though cause on the way back from SLC we were caught in a freak rainstorm and i literally could not see the lines on I-80. kinda scary!! we also had a lesson with p* and saw lots of people. OH! and meet Stumpy, a three legged cat with no tail! she is soooo cute, and the nicest cat EVER!! loves people and just loves you... and bathes you... :) 

THUSDAY- had a lesson with m*, did some weekly planning cause we wouldn't have time on friday, saw n* with sister pearson, more visits, s* had her baptism interview and passed!! i was feeling ick all day though which was really sucky. went to bed and was up all night... next morning...

FRIDAY- I WAS TERIBLY SICK!!! i died. i had aches and hot cold flashes, a fever, and a lot of pain on my insides... which caused me to be sick to my stomach. NO FUN! i had to miss my Zone meeting AND Matt and Felicias wedding! i was so completely bummed. and in pain. felt like an awful missionay but i got a blessing which helped a bit and was hard to sleep so just laid in bed all day... watched "the testaments" like three times...

SATURDAY- It was tolerable (the sickness) so i pulled my butt out of bed and we did correlations, lesson with M* again, and S* got baptized! it was great to see sister latham and bennett as well, but the baptism WAS SO AWESOME!! still on the mend. I also got a call from president that night telling me i was gonna be an STL, so a little bit in shock too ;P haha

SUNDAY! my very last sunday in this area, so sad!! :( we got to go to Lakepoint ward and see investigators at church, see people in Stansbury ward, and go see Savannah's confirmation in the Benson Mill ward, it was a great day and i will forever love and cherish this area! i've been here almost 6 months and i'm so blessed to have been able to do so.

LOVE YOU ALL and have a great week! :)

Thanks to Sis. Pearson for all these photos!

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